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Finding the Funny When You’re Drowning in Melodrama

October 28, 2011

DISCLAIMER: Whether the following is amusing and/or useful is entirely up for debate.

The ability to express oneself, I think most of us can agree, is all too dependent on mood. Especially if you’re aiming for a specific tone. Those whose wheelhouse is death and human misery might stumble in the light of a happy personal life; anyone all about bemused agreeability is going to suffer when they’re feeling anything but. Jolly sadists! Sad clowns! The world is obviously a coldly ironic place.

Not to mention a terrifying one.

But what’s a student of the written word to do when they’re not properly outfitted for the task at hand, WAIT IT OUT? NO! It’s when you’re at your least comfortable, your most angsty, that it’s more important than ever to convert those icky Zach Braff emotions into positive creative fuel. Remember the scene from ‘Waterworld’ where Kevin Costner waters his plant with filtered pee-water? That’s what we’re going to learn how to do today, and it will probably make just as little sense. SO:

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I’ve Missed You!*

June 1, 2009

hourglassSo it’s June. Yikes! The last time we saw each other I was still a sprightly 22, Kris Allen had not yet struck a major blow for traditional family values, and our friends in the class of 2009 had not yet graduated (congrats!) to a world of financial instability and worry (oops!). Forever ago, lover. But like herpes the Terminator, I’m back – ready to assault your RSS feed with robotic efficiency and writing that can only be described as “human-like.” Keep reading if you want to live.

So not only is it June, it’s also Monday… which means I can get away with an easy “Mondaze” post to kick off the week. More polished Lifting Fog cultural analysis to follow, naturally, but first (after the jump) a YouTube clip that will offend absolutely no one.

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