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Even the Third Reich is disappointed with the ‘Avatar’ trailer

August 28, 2009

Let’s dismiss for a second how sad the idea of an “Avatar Day” is (on any number of levels, pick one) and analyze the hype surrounding this mammoth cinematic event with our serious faces on. Avatar

allegedly cost $237 million to finance
stars an Australian actor we’re told is a champ back home, but who just sort of popped up stateside this year (hi!); first playing a robot, now playing a marine, and soon to be playing a Greek warrior (range!)
took 15 years to make it to theaters (James Cameron wrote the first draft in 1994)
looks like Star Wars: Attack of the Clones, but with giant blue cats

Does that cover it? I think we’ve covered it. Get your tickets now* before they sell out!

*Don’t buy tickets to this thing. At least not now, in August, four months before it’s released. Really?