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What is Urban Hiking?

April 6, 2012

A down-and-dirty guide to the recession-friendly pseudo-sport that’s sweeping 1-2 apartments in Santa Monica, California the nation.

In the city of Los Angeles, driving is king. If you work more than 5 minutes from home, it’s an absolute necessity. It’s also the primary way you’ll experience the city. You drive through Beverly Hills. Navigate Century City. Even the most famous sites, like Hollywood Blvd., most of us only see through a car window. (Unless your friend is taking classes at Improv Olympics, in which case you’ve been there twice.)

Walking is a crime. No to the point where you’d go to jail, maybe, but certainly of the “fashion crime” variety: it’s tacky and you DON’T DO IT, because your parents taught you better than that. What, can you not afford a Prius? Even taking the bus, to many a great sin, holds more appeal to Los Angelenos than extended pavement time.

So it’s topsy-turvy out here, an inversion of the natural order. Yet only out of these ashes could something like the Urban Hike take shape.

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R.I.P. Kim’s

August 3, 2008

Kim’s Mediapolis, meeting ground for Converse All-Stars of all colors, will be closing its French (New Wave) doors for good within the next month. Just “Kim’s” for those in the know, this video store was a Columbia institution – a place every student has been to at least once. It’s also a place every student has been criticized at least once. Below, a fondly recalled exchange from my freshman year:

“Do you guys have Boogie Nights? I couldn’t find it in the racks.”
“Hmm, let me think. Did you try looking under ‘P.T. Anderson’? That might be a good place to start, yeah?” More smug sarcasm after the jump!