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It’s Better To Have Played and Lost In Halo, Than Never To Have Played At All

December 30, 2008

This of course, is an age old saying that normally goes without… well, saying. But in the past few days I found new significance for the quote that usually refers to the experience of falling in love with another human being. No folks, I did not meet the future Mrs. DJ Steve (all my eHarmony posts have still gone unanswered despite increased traffic on this site, WTF?!) but I did rekindle an old flame of mine. There was a brief moment in time when she meant everything to me; but alas I was not the only one who was jockeying for her number one spot. She challenged me, left me brokenhearted and distraught, and yet in the end I have nothing but the warmest feelings for her. She is and always will be one of my most tragic love stories. She is Microsoft and Bungie’s Halo.

I never had the privilege of owning an Xbox or Xbox 360 but this never prevented me from pursuing my love affair over the years. Halo, the forbidden fruit, the game that won over countless of my friends, was always something I had to appreciate from a strictly outsider’s perspective. This weekend while visiting with family, I was able to recall the reasons why my love affair with Halo was so tumultuous and why despite years of separation, playing it again felt like no time had passed at all. (more…)