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Greetings From…: RIP The Mixtape, 198(?)-2008

November 10, 2008


Though I’d hardly describe this post as having anything to do with the Big Apple, Mr. Cedric Cheung-Lau is indeed a proud New Yorker and someone ever embracing the city’s cultural opportunities. He catches secret shows. Knows the back entrances to bars you’ve never heard of. He watches foreign films. Without subtitles. Whether in film or music (television is mine), I can always count on him for fresh, sincerely cool recommendations. I mean, he writes for the Columbia Spectator’s Arts section!

About a month ago, when Lifting Fog was locked in a death roll, I asked Cedric to write something for the site. He e-mailed me the little ditty below, a heartfelt ode to the mixtape and a lament for its passing. Morbid, right? While slightly out of date, I’ve included his original introduction to set the tone and remind our readers of the preciousness of life, electronic or otherwise. Hug the person next to you if you can. ANYWAY:

The fog, my fellow readers, seems to have fallen after the initial excitement of having formed an actual blog. For weeks I have hoped that our dear blogger, Mr. Fog, would return to the task at hand. But it seems that the mountains of work that an assistant swim coach has are draining our friend of all inspiration to maintain a daily post. With this in mind, I have taken it upon myself to perform a rescue operation and resuscitate the glory of this blog. If this goes well, perhaps I’ll make future appearances. If not, well, then at least I can say that I tried.

The mixtape is dead.

This has to do, of course, with what we have begun to call the “iPod generation.” Apple’s ubiquitous gadget has single-handedly crushed a cultural, no, artistic phenomenon. Sure, you can argue that the mix is very much alive and thriving, but the concept behind it – the very purpose of it – has been woefully shattered. Cedric attempts to make sense of the pieces after the jump.

Greetings From…: When the Going Gets Boring, Create a Bucket List

September 16, 2008

A hearty WordPress-fueled welcome to friend, newly minted Sacramentoan, and fellow member of Haddonfield Memorial High School’s Class of 2004, Rob Glenn! Today Rob offers his experience in tackling the so-called “Bucket List” – a collection of adventures to tackle before one, well, kicks the bucket. Macabre! Consider this the first in an ongoing series of posts dedicated to collecting the geographically unique adventures of friends, lovers, and (mostly) fellow Americans.

Lifting Fog: Bringing People Together.

Almost everyone can relate to posts about the latest TV shows and movies, but my exposure to both was unusually limited this summer. This summer was a busy one. It involved me trying to figure out what I wanted to do after college, and more importantly, trying to complete the Summer 2008 Bucket List that a couple of my friends and I created in hopes of keeping a summer in Providence, RI exciting. This bucket list was the solution to what seemed like an impending boring summer. That is not to say that Providence doesn’t have a lot to offer; it can actually be very fun. There are plenty of things to do as long as you’re willing to make the effort. Start your bucket list for only $19.95!