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Nerd Alert: I Found a Parallel Between 2 Different NBC Shows That Aired in Different Seasons

January 18, 2009
30 Night Lights?!

30 Night Lights?!

This blog was founded by nerds and for that reason I feel comfortable posting this revelation. After I finished whipping myself and wearing a garter of thorns around my thigh while going on weekly runs around the neighborhood for missing the last three 30 Rock episodes, I decided it was time to skip the dramatics and catch up one of my favorite shows while I was at work. In doing so, I had a nerd aneurysm resulting in spotty vision and  an overwhelming sense of arrogance for being able to report to you a parallel I found between 30 Rock and my other favorite NBC show The Office Friday Night Lights.

Please read the following paragraph (out loud or internally) in the following Simpsons’ nerd voice. In Episode 307 (entitled “Senor Macho Solo”) of 30 Rock, Jack falls in love with his elderly mother’s latina caretaker, played by the always stunning Selma Hayek. In Season 2 of FNL, starting around Episode 207 (entitled “Pantherama!”), QB 1 Matt Saracen begins to fall in love with his elderly grandmother’s latina caretaker. Say what!? Is this some sort of PA script copying prank over at the NBC Universal building, or is this the perfect example of Jack Donaghy’s quest for synergy (as he reminds us, is bigger than all of us). Both mother/grandmother characters suffer from some form of dementia, and both latina care takers are hot!

While this revelation literally has no affect or relevance to the real world or anyone’s lives, I did find it uncannily satisfying. I guess getting a degree in television is finally paying off.

When Will The Masses Start Enjoying Quality TV?

December 20, 2008

For years now I have become an avid television watcher. However for the most part, not in the traditional sense. Like many good American consumers I turn to TV on DVD to get my fix on a regular basis and more recently I have been turning to Netflix’s streaming capabilities (through the TV set top box). A funny thing happened over the past year. A year ago, I always found myself telling people: “No, I don’t really watch TV.” Lately though, I realized that this was a boldfaced lie. In fact I was watching quite a few television shows (Arrested Development, Entourage, the Office, LOST… to name a few). Was it because I mentally blocked the reality that I was regularly plugged into the affectionately named “Idiot Box” or was it because I was subconsciously afraid of what people might think?