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“Just… Just Listen”

July 9, 2008

This was written 1.5 months ago. I plum forgot about it. I’m trying.

First night home – less than 12 hours in Jersey – and already I find myself acting as transportation for drunk freshmen. Or closer to an ambulance, really, as the kid I ferried eventually wound up in the hospital. He’s fine, now, despite what I imagine to be a pretty terrible hangover and possibly a new scar. Certainly not dead. My brother was actually worried about that one.

Detached older brother that I am, I was nowhere near Anker’s little soiree while this kid (let’s call him… Barry) was getting drunker and drunker. I didn’t know the circumstances surrounding his quick descent. Piecing together the story as I drove him home, though, it was easy to see just what he was about: rising college sophomore, recent (first) girlfriend, overprotective parents, high school image to shed. I knew Barry without knowing him, because he was more an archetype than a fully-fledged human-being. (more…)