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“Live” Blogging from Phoenix’s Sky Harbor

December 17, 2008

Consider this the closest thing the Fog has come to live blogging yet. I would call it actual live blogging if the US Airways Wi-Fi wasn’t loading pages slower than an EDGE phone loading a YouTube clip. I swore I would stay off the blog until I reached my destination in NJ but the opportunity to “live” blog was too much to pass up. The reason is my flight back to Philadelphia International has been delayed. There’s not much to report other than a lot of unhappy travelers plugged into CNN’s most sensational news reporting yet: “Live Tree Sales Up This Year.” What’s next, CNN?

Anyways, it looks like the delay might be over so I’m off again. I plan to listen to “Goodbye Sky Harbor” by Jimmy Eat World as I take off: its something I’ve always dreamed of doing since I fell in love with the song. So until next time loyal Fog-ists. TTYL, me promeso.