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‘Revolutionary Road’ is an Emo Masterpiece

January 7, 2009

Revolutionary Road poster

I cried myself to sleep last night again. Only this time it wasn’t from watching The Mary Tyler Moore Show series finale on repeat (she was single, but god dammit she was loved!). Last night I had the unique opportunity of viewing Revolutionary Road, the new Sam Mendes emotional powerhouse starring the first onscreen reunion for the stars of the highest grossing film of all time. Call it a sign of the times, but this Road was more emo than the Black Parade.

No spoiler alerts here, I know it’s only been limited released in the few cities that actually still care about the difference between a ‘film’ and a ‘movie.’ The core of the film was undoubtedly the heart-wrenching performances of Winslet and DiCaprio. Warning: if you have ever been in a divorce or been the unfortunate secondhand victim of one between your parents, you may have trouble with this film. While being overtly talkie, the film was depicted with a realism seldom found in work other than Sam Mendes. That being said, I struggled with the ultimately unoriginal premise of their entire situation; two attractive white people in a fight for their originality and spontaneity in a suburban landscape. Sound familiar? But whereas American Beauty focused on the patriarch of the house’s demise, Revolutionary Road takes a step back and centers on the demise of a relationship between two people; a focal point that provides less comic relief but more Fox News fair and balancedness. (more…)

Haiku Review: ‘Nick & Norah’s Infinite Playlist’

November 11, 2008

Another thing that happened in the last five weeks! Consider this PART 6.

nick_and_norah_s_infinite_playlist_movie_posterTeens! Straight edge! New York!
City alight with music
Yet energy nil

Michael Cera’s not the only one in (a state of) arrested development. Hah! You see, both movies (yes, only two) I’ve reviewed for this blog have been teen-centric. The last one, American Teen, even had the word in its title. While hardly stuck in some mid 00’s time-warp (remember those years?), I do consistently find myself drawn to movies and shows that reflect on the experience of growing up. The O.C., Friday Night Lights, Thumbsucker, Stomp The Yard – although derided sometimes as “inconsequential”, these and other stories manage to capture with great accuracy the pains and pleasures of our formative years. And you’ve got to admit –  however fictionalized or exaggerated, there’s something at least a little therapeutic in watching our own experiences and emotions played out on screen.

Unfortunately that’s not so true of Nick & Norah’s Infinite Playlist.

OMFG Read why!

What’s Old Is New Again

May 13, 2008

So I’ve already hit a blogging wall. To buy myself some time, I offer this post I wrote on April 23rd, 2006:

So I’ve arrived at the home stretch. In three days 20 hours, and 50 minutes, I will no longer be a teenager. I expect this means:

a) no more acne

b) no more awkwardness

c) no more Blink-182

A and C I know will come true (really, I’m required by law to cease any and all music by Blink-182 and to a lesser extent, Good Charlotte and Dashboard Confessional… sigh), but B–I think I may be stuck with that for a while. It’s genetic. And it doesn’t go away. Most people, though, are confused as to just what the condition truly is. Awkwardness, despite what tells us in its manifold groups and “About Me” sections, does not mean frequent tripping. Nor does it mean chronic farting, speaking loudly, or saying “OMFG inappropriate things”. It doesn’t even mean spilling a cup of coffee on yourself at Starbuck’s. What it does mean (in list form, natch) is the following:

a) changing your walking route to avoid saying hello to that person whose name you just can’t remember

b) greeting someone with a handshake when they go in for a hug; greeting someone with an unadorned hug when they want a kiss on the cheek (more…)