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For Your Consideration, The Biggest Douche In The Universe

February 12, 2009

We’re like butter today, huh? The fun continues with a close look at one of the most reprehensible people you’re ever likely to meet (or catch on YouTube below).


Does anyone watch Wife Swap on ABC? I’ve only ever seen snippets with my brother (he’s a big fan), but never considered it Must-See/Can’t-Look-Away television… until now. January 30th’s episode swapped what I imagine to be two of their standard wife archetypes – Midwestern “dumb redneck” and San Franciscan “smug liberal” – but with the unexpected result of unveiling to the universe, as the header suggests, its Biggest Douche Ever. Really.

Part One:

Part Two (if you can bear it) after the jump!

Things That Happened In The Last Five Weeks, Part 4

November 7, 2008

4) Three-Time Academy Award Nominee Laura Linney Told Me Not to Vote and I Almost Listened

A record 133 million Americans voted in this year’s Presidential election. 133 million – huge. That’s over 60% of our country’s citizens who got off the couch and, taking that old MTA adage to heart, saw something and said something. Even factoring in a steadily increasing population (which gives the record a bit of a Titanic quality) that’s a bona fide big number. You saw the people in line at your polling place, right? Amazing. That’s why I’m slightly ashamed to admit I almost wasn’t one of them.

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