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Haiku Review: ‘American Teen’

July 30, 2008

Caught by the camera
Po-mo teens, too self-aware
Not enough “Heartthrob”

American Teen charts the senior year of five (sort of) high schoolers in Warsaw, Indiana. There’s Colin, the jock; Megan, the bitch princess; Jake, the geek; Mitch, the heartthrob; and Hannah… oh, Hannah… the rebel. Director Nanette Burstein captures all their major milestones: basketball championships, college letters, dances and breakups. The range of events caught on camera both big and small is impressive. She’s done such a thorough job hitting all the right notes, though, that the finished product rings a little hollow and unsurprising. It’s almost impossible to dislike this movie – which is exactly what Burstein wants – but you’ll wonder in the end what exactly you gained from the experience. More? Really?