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Haiku Review: ‘District 9’

August 25, 2009

Did you see ‘District 9’? Of course you did. You didn’t? WHAT?!? Time to rectify that, starting with a…well, not TOO late review of the summer’s second best* movie. Go, baby, go!

hr_District_9_posterDrama? Sci-Fi? Whuh?
A film about prejudice
And blowing shit up

The first thing you need to know about District 9 is that it’s difficult to explain with any real clarity. The alien part isn’t complicated — seemingly stranded extraterrestrial lifeforms land in Johannesburg and, without anywhere to go, are shepherded into a slum that becomes the titular District 9. There’s alien decay and alien customs and alien lightning-shooting weapons. Awesome! But then there’s the documentary-style footage woven in with “is it real?” ease. The not-so-subtle social/political themes. Plus buddy comedy moments? And real drama? This movie is a functioning schizophrenic, deftly maneuvering between tones and tropes in a way even Kanye West would find sort of remarkable. It is a hybrid that never runs out of gas.

I am telling you this movie is a Prius. What? Keep reading!