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Vampire Weekend Named Most Successful Columbia Alumni… Ever

November 24, 2008

Yes it’s true, Vampire Weekend have ascended to Ivy League greatness, not unlike Rivers Cuomo and Matt Damon (Harvard men, almost). Why is it always the most successful graduates of Ivy League schools are entertainers? Because they’re smarter. Duh. Vampire Weekend have clawed their way into the hearts and minds of even the most precocious middle school gossip circles as early as last summer. Even people who digest indie music faster than L. Lo goes through sexual preferences have paused for a moment to enjoy their debut (and still current album) of the same name.

Their featherlight pop stylings have caused a new craze in America: jumping on indie rock band wagons as soon as Stereogum covers them in a sentence-long blurb. But the Weekend has got the chops to back it all up. Just the other day I was watching MTV’s Woodie Awards on Palladia and I got the chance to see the Vamps plowing through “The Kids Don’t Stand A Chance” with the help of Chromeo! They really are the most successful alumni Columbia has ever produced (I hadn’t heard of any of these no-names, WTF). But what’s the secret behind VW’s domination? Just ask Lifting Fog Editor-in-Chief what they’re smoking over at Columbia and maybe you too can gave a band hyped-to-success by Stereogum and Pitchfork.