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China vs. The Internet

March 12, 2009

“Technocentricity” is our newest category, tackling today’s hyper-connected culture of technology. There’s Wii, iPhone, Netflix. There’s Twitter, Facebook, GMail. There’s no escape. WE ARE ALL PART OF THE MACHINE.

kid-addictAmericans love the Internet. The Germans hate it. Most everyone else is sort of ambivalent. The Chinese? They love it so much they want to take it behind the middle school and get it pregnant. Case in point: a February 19th Time article, “Postcard from Beijing“, examining the obsessive Internet usage of China’s young people… but more importantly, the lengths to which some parents are going to curb this kind of behavior. Time out? Increased chores? Such Western remedies. Your son just “beat and bit [you] again this morning after [you] wouldn’t let him touch the computer.” Forget a spanking – no, Rongshu, you’re going to F*CKING BOOT CAMP.

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