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Coincidence? I Think Not.

August 30, 2008

Everyone says that John McCain went with Sarah Palin in order to capture the women’s vote and possibly lure disgruntled psycho Hilldog supporters over to the right. That sounds accurate on paper, but I know better. Determined to capture the Henning Fog vote, the Republican presidential nominee has chosen as his running mate a woman who bears a striking resemblance to 30 Rock mastermind and bona fide babe Tina Fey. See for yourself!

But I won’t waver. She may be a Baberham Lincoln with her trim figure and fresh up-do. She may be a surprisingly forceful speaker. She may once have been the head writer for Saturday Night Live in a parallel dimension. No – sigh – no matter. However appealing, I’m not going to let a pair of librarian’s glasses determine my vote.  Sorry, McCain – your sneaky tactics won’t work on me. But what a bastard!