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Credit(s) Where Credit’s Due

April 2, 2009

television1It’s an old but true saying that behind every great television show is a great opening credits sequence. (What?) From I Love Lucy to Green Acres to Cheers; Lassie to Miami Vice to The Sopranos, shows that captivate viewers in the first thirty seconds have proven 83% more likely to retain their audience (and be good, too). That’s just statistics. A well-mixed cocktail of music, flashy imagery, and a dynamic typeface can even disguise the sometimes mediocre content that follows. People sat through two craptacular middle seasons of The O.C., they loved the song “California” so much. A strong credits sequence can render the audience putty in your hands.

Lifting Fog is today going to do something  we’ve always shied away from – making lists – and we’re doing so for two reasons (ha!):

1) The writing staff needs time to recharge after exerting ourselves, vigorously, on April Fool’s Day. The unicorn in particular was really kind of draining.
2) The economy and stuff.

After the jump, examination of some of the best opening credits sequences ever devised (at least according to Henning, and in no particular order, so…) with careful frame-by-frame analysis and applied Jungian theory. Or more just “this is what I am thinking about this.”

Stay tuned!