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Oh Woe is ‘Brüno’

July 13, 2009

Unlike most movies I’ve had the pleasure of viewing this summer, I absorbed Sacha Baron Cohen’s latest opus in a relatively empty theater with family instead of friends. In this sense, the mood may not have been right for me to appreciate the follow up to Cohen’s wildly successful feature length debut, Borat. I was fully aware that the type of shock and awe Brüno was capable of delivering should ideally be experienced with a large, packed theater where the awkward moments in between graphic dildo-based jokes would not seem quite as awkward. Instead, I took in the film with about 20 other people in the middle of the day in an empty theater in an area where the USA hats and t-shirts worn by Brüno’s victims hit closer to home than some other places in America. Consider that my disclaimer.

You’ve been warned. Continue?