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When Worlds Collide

February 24, 2009

two1Contrary to what Mickey Rourke might tell you, certain aspects of our lives were meant to stay partitioned. Religious faith and scientific understanding. “Grazneth, Level 70 Dark Mage” and “Todd, C.P.A.” And who hasn’t heard “don’t bring your work home!” from their wife, am I right? We keep things in their appropriate boxes in order to maintain some level of order and control in our lives. In order to stay relatively sane. So what happens when those boxes spill over?

The stage: Brooklyn. The scene: The Levee. It’s 1 AM or so on Sunday morning and, anticipating the 3 hour trip back to Manhattan, my friends and I have started walking over to Bedford Avenue and the subway stop. On the way, though, I spot a face out of the corner of my eye that makes me pause. It looks familiar… but not “hey! Don’t I know you?” familiar. No – this is a more unsettling, “I never thought this would happen” familiar. This is “random Facebook friend” familiar.

I KNOW. Read all about it after the jump!