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… And, We’re Back. Really.

October 17, 2008

So this is awkward. Umm… hi? It’s been over four weeks since my last post on Lifting Fog. Before September 16th, the longest “vacation” I had taken to date was only six days. That seemed long at the time. Four weeks? That’s an eternity in this Web 2.0 era, not to mention a cardinal sin of blogging – “Thou shalt provide fresh daily content” being the seventh commandment of personal web publishing. Look it up. That I’ve broken this code, and so flagrantly, fills me with guilt… Catholic-style. Forgive me readers, for I have sinned.

It’s no special occasion today. I wasn’t undergoing radical eyebrow surgery, or doing missionary work in Zambia, or taking the LSATs. Neither vain nor noble nor smart, I just kind of ran off track. It’s hard work, blogging, and encumbered by a job job (as opposed to a “Job” or “job!”) I’ve found my creative juices running dry and my motivation lacking. After a week away from the blog, it became almost scary to return. Would I have any readers left? Would I remember how to write? I’ve been dreading this post ever since. DREADING.