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The End of TRL Will Usher In The End of Western Civilization

October 17, 2008
Mother and Father to Our Demise

Britney and Carson: Mother and Father to Our Demise

Leave it to MTV to spark the end of modern day civilization. This shouldn’t come as a surprise though – they’ve been working on it for years. What a twist of “irony” it will be for the end of all things to come at the hands of the very thing that started the events in motion. Wait, is that irony? In case you haven’t been TiVo-ing CNN lately (I don’t have time for all that depressing shit, the Phillies are in the World Series!), the fate of the United States hangs in a delicate economic balance, ready to crumble at any moment. Coincidentally (or not), the news that TRL will go on hiatus caused a radical market shift, leaving us scratching our heads, wondering how we are going to throw together the cash for a new MacBook Pro this holiday season given the current economic turmoil. Good thing I gave all my money to Lehman Brothers. Zing!