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2010 Vancouver Olympics: Not Boring! (Part Three)

February 22, 2010

Like Star Wars and the world of competing tech companies, the “blogosphere” (…) plays stage to a never-ending war of good vs. evil. Defending the light side are blogs about travel and art, simple joys like cooking; that sort of shit. Opposite good? The Perez Hiltons and Gawkers of the world, spewing smug cattiness and snark at every turn; graduates with honors of the “bitch please” school of communication. One side writes, the other criticizes. And the war goes on forever.

Yesterday’s Olympics program was like a blogging ink blot test: you either commented on the beautiful butterfly (US Men’s Hockey team’s incredible victory over Canada; Bode Miller winning his first gold in the Super Combined) or the dog with its head cleaved open (culturally insensitive Ice Dancing outfits/routine). Binary response.

What you probably didn’t see?

7) The Holland Heineken House

In Olympics blogging, as in any great conflict, there is always a third option: house music, drinking, and over-sized medals. Today, we are all Dutch.