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Lifting Fog Live: Blink-182 at the Hollywood Bowl

December 2, 2011

Imagine for a second that you’re an inappropriately sensitive 20-something whose musical taste has not advanced much in over a decade. (I know it’s a stretch, but keep imagining!) You try out “now” bands, like Vampire Weekend, and genres, like dubstep, but nothing can replace that middle-school-fresh sound you grew up with; nothing can come close to piercing your heart, your SOUL, like the group that essentially defined 7th and 8th grade.

Now imagine that not once in those formative years but several times did you miss out on the chance to see these guys live. Your friends who had older sisters caught them. Even people who didn’t like them all that much so WHY SHOULD THEY GET TO GO? managed to snag tickets. Meanwhile you sat at home, listening to their teenage anthems on a battery-powered Discman. You sobbed and stewed and life just sucked.

Twelve years later you’re a man, sort of, with disposable income — when you apply credit card logic — and an adult’s right to do whatever he wants whenever he wants. Your friend Ashley has landed tickets to your group’s TOUR ENDING show. The stars have finally aligned.

Everyone can take off their imagination caps because it’s time for the BIG REVEAL: the musical group is Blink-182. And that sensitive 20-something, stuck in some 1999 time loop that thankfully does not include JNCO jeans? He’s ME. I KNOW.

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A Completely Sentimental Post About Blink-182

February 9, 2009

8915578Amidst the 37 and a half performances at last night’s Grammy Awards, one event stood head and shoulders above the rest – the announcement by Mssrs. Hoppus, DeLonge, and Barker that after four years of “indefinite hiatus,” Blink-182 was finally getting back together. For those of you who have taken your graduation from high school to heart and “moved on” with your lives, a brief Blink refresher: they were your favorite pop-punk band ever. From 1999 (when their quadruple platinum Enema of the State made it the teenage-iest summer ever) to maybe 2002, they were top of the heap for mildly angsty music dressed in Vans and non-threatening spikes. They were your late 90’s, much peppier and more toilet humor-oriented Nirvana. (But nowhere near as talented DON’T SHOOT ME.) They were your suburban rebellion. My suburban rebellion? I said I DON’T WANT DINNER TONIGHT, MOM.

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