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July 28, 2008

I’m not really cool in a traditional sense, like the Fonz. And even Seth Cohen would probably beat me up if I claimed non-traditional, ironic coolness. I just can’t pull it off. The closest I’ve come to either, anyway, was one time in 7th grade when I received a botched haircut that made me look like a retarded Beatle. So yeah – coolness has always been largely out of reach for yours truly. That doesn’t mean I’ve ever given up…

Black Kids, a band I shouldn’t like but, well, do, recently released their first LP Partie Traumatic and have their single I’m Not Gonna Teach Your Boyfriend How To Dance With You featured on the American Teen (more on this one soon) soundtrack. Rolling Stone declared them last November a “band to watch” in 2008. I would agree. “Wow,” you say to your friend or co-worker, “another endorsement for some obscure band that will more than likely stay obscure. Why did you send me to this kid’s blog again?” Then you click on Perez Hilton to restore your faith in the blogging community. It’s true – I have nothing new to offer here in the way of music promotion. If you’ve read all 13 (!) posts on this site or know anything about me, you’ve already figured out that my cultural receptors very rarely pull in anything that isn’t film or television related. Black Kids have already received their share of viral recommendations, anyway. Another from me is just white noise. (more…)