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Possible Scenarios In Which American Idol Can Gain Even More Ratings

January 28, 2009

With another season of America’s favorite past time already under way (laughing at people that have less talent than us and then spitefully voting against people who have more talent than us), Fox will inevitably hit an out of the park ratings home run… again. The question stands: what could the producers of Idol put on our televisions that would garner MORE ratings? My guess is absolutely nothing (almost).

And believe me, they’ve already tried to throw us under the bus. A new “emmy nominated” host AND less audition footage? How dare you, Fox. But like Farrah Fawcett in the Burning Bed, we just can’t say no to a bad, bad thing. Here are some possible scenarios in which the ratings may actually go up for Idol this season.

Seacrest becomes Harry Potter