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Facelifting Fog

September 14, 2008

Hold up. If you’re looking at your screen right now wondering “who took a dump on my favorite blog EVR?”, well, don’t – Lifting Fog is just undergoing a bit of cosmetic surgery. Fresh off a WordPress “Upgrade” frenzy, we’ll be under the knife for the next few days as I attempt (armed with vast stores of COMS W1004 – Introduction to Computer Programming in Java knowledge) to beautify the site. Quaint worked for us, sure, but couple an expanding readership with a pair of swollen egos and it was only a matter of time before we kicked this shit into hyper-drive. Punch it, Chewie! Expect new colors and graphics – hell, maybe interactive flash animations! – to supplement what was already at least the second-best Fog/Page-related web experience available. Visibility is improving.

UPDATE #1: Photoshop Maestro DJ Steve has designed a truly kick-ass banner for the site. Part Lion King poster, part church pamphlet, the new graphic certainly grabs the eye more than the previous placeholder and, I think, really captures the essence of Lifting Fog: over-the-top melodrama.

UPDATE #2: Lifting Fog is operating in a post-Labor Day world, so we thought it would be best to doff our white robes and slip into something more seasonally appropriate. “Dusklight gray” (Editor’s note: this is not a real color) seems to suit us.

Any suggestions? Ways we could organize the site better? Drop us a line in the comments section below!