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The One Where We Say Goodbye

April 20, 2012

Well, here we are. Four years, 300+ posts, and shockingly few personal changes later we’ve arrived at the end of the line. It’s not that there’s nothing more to say — in the realm of personal blogging there is always more to say — but that, for two 25-year-old guys with non-childish aspirations…it’s time to put away childish things. (Writing about real-life Hamburglars could not fit this any more perfectly.) Near the end of The Return of the King, Gandalf tells Pippin of a “far, green country” that lay beyond death. In no so many ways that’s where DJ Steve and I are headed — outside our digital comfort zone toward a world that’s terrifying and beautiful and unavoidable and here it is and OH SHIT WHAT ARE WE GOING TO DO NEXT.

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The Haiku Review Template

March 30, 2012

Lifting Fog will soon be no more. But should some poor sap want to perpetuate the vaunted “Haiku Review,” we have the tools you need to make it happen. What value is wisdom not passed on?

When we started out, man…we had dreams. Lifting Fog was going to become a true cultural gathering place, a digital coffee shop that TRANSCENDED “blog.” You wouldn’t check out Lifting Fog; you’d just be stuck in it whether you wanted to or not. Like real fog! Or dogshit!

Cultural historians will confirm this never happened. But despite our just not being that good at blogging, we did manage to launch a few recurring features. “The McCrazy Files” charted all the batshit confrontations that have always and will always occur at fast food restaurants. Five times “Lifting Fog Live” took us outside our living rooms and toward events with other human beings, mostly concerts.

Then there’s the Haiku Review™.

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Lifting Fog Fun Facts

March 29, 2012

The farewell tour continues!

One thing a blog does on its journey from birth to death is accumulate a buttload of pointless statistics, and on all kinds of stuff: daily hits, tags, post frequency. Most of the time these serve only to make you feel bad about how few people read your writing (and the weird extent to which you’ve written about furries). But as a “closing shop” exercise…it’s actually kind of interesting to look back on four years through the lens of facts and figures. Unlike DJ Steve and I in all our posts, ever, THEY DON’T LIE. Reading them, you begin to get a true sense of what you did and the kinds of patterns you fell into. Like:

1. Despite me being the Ivy banner-waving douchebag of the duo, it’s actually DJ Steve who bleeds Columbia Blue — he’s written two more posts on the CU-born group Vampire Weekend than I ever will.

2. Lifting Fog has cultivated and nurtured more than its share of enmity over the years, including rivalries with Will Edmondson, Tim Goessling and his ‘This LA Life,’ and Jeopardy! contestant/actual accomplished writer Daniel D’Addario. Not to mention ongoing bad blood with nostalgia freaks (especially human Quidditch players), and the actual Bloods. What fun is peace?

UPDATE: To all of you…we really do apologize. (Except the Quidditch kids. Never.)

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“Lifting Fog to Retire” says Lifting Fog Staff

March 22, 2012

The press has gathered and the mics are humming, so now’s as good a time as any to make the big announcement. Nearly four years after launching our blog and Digital Playground ™, Lifting Fog, the time has come to finally close the door…

…turn off the lights…

…cut the cord…

…and every other ending metaphor available, because if you’ve keyed in to anything here in 300 posts it’s that we never say briefly what can’t be beaten into the ground, mercilessly. Terrible writing at value quantity is sort of our thing.

While it’s true that we’ve already had, like, twelve false deaths since May 2008 (consider them practice!) this one is definitely real. So long after ‘The Dark Knight’ premiered and Sarah Palin lost the Vice Presidency, we’re really, really calling it quits. Run-on sentences and all.

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Lifting Fog Believes in Miracles

April 23, 2010

POP QUIZ! There are so many apologies backlogged on Lifting Fog that:

a) An internal search for “sorry” now brings up as many hits as “movie review” or “Michael Cera + shoot me” (our bread and butter)
b) We’re actually forced to spend as much time writing these new apologies as we would any normal post, given the cliches we’ve accumulated in 37 previous attempts
c) Our grandmothers have told us we “ruined blugs for them. That’s what they’re called, right?”
d) WordPress has politely asked that we take the old site out back and quietly (but decisively) put an end to its misery

We’ll have to apologize for not including an e) All of the above, because they are ALL PRETTY MUCH CORRECT.

Life, right? You’ve got some creative momentum and think you’re operating at a good click — really flexing those writing muscles on important issues, like the Oscars — then BOOM! It’s a month later and you wake up in a daze wondering what hit you so hard in the face. No, that wasn’t an abusive girlfriend. It was life.

But we’re a regular Chumbawumba song here at Lifting Fog, and know that for every “get knocked down” there has to be a “get up again” rounding out the refrain. Ain’t nothin’ gonna keep us down.

…We’re maybe MORE, though, an Insane Clown Posse song called “Miracles” (which you probably saw parodied — if there’s any way to parody something already totally nuts — on SNL) that sums up in curse words and clown makeup everything our little corner of the Internet is about:

Yup, that should do it. “Magic everywhere in this bitch.” Good to be back!*

* Not a guarantee

Lifting Fog Declares War on the Haters

January 27, 2010

Say you made a promise to some people. A very specific and, in fact, easily met promise. That promise goes unmet for three months. Those people (for the purposes of this post let’s call them “fa”– who are we kidding, “fans” is just ridiculous!) wait and wait. In the cold. In the rain. When they finally give up on you, they give up HARD. You’re considered “dead”; “a liar”; even “Stalin-esque” by some of the crazier elements of the bunch. So what do you do when you finally try to fulfill that long-forgotten promise? What can you possibly say that eases the pain of those lost months; rebuilds bridges you had so carelessly burned down and PISSED ON as you quietly walked away? Nothing, really.


Lifting Fog: A Look Ahead

September 21, 2009

In which we (I) fail once again to produce an actual post, but talk about posts that are coming soon. I swear. I’m really not kidding, guys.

It’s easy to talk. We all say absurd things we can’t possibly back up; make outrageous claims that, given a quick Google search, will most assuredly be proven false. The bulk of us are liars and snake oil salesmen, wrapping our fiction in pretty bows and winking to the audience as we sell a load of crap to naive, trusting townsfolk.

But that is not Lifting Fog*!

We may not be much for consistency — I think I wrote eight times this summer? — but we are truth-tellers through and through, dedicated to fulfilling our promises no matter how long or hard-fought the road to publication. And now, with summer bottling up its last golden rays, the time seems more fitting than ever to let you in on our forthcoming stabs at blog satisfaction. A look ahead:

Haiku Reviews of Inglourious Basterds, Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince, Funny People, and Up. “But aren’t all of those movies, like, out of theaters?” Umm, aren’t the DVDs coming out soon? TIMELY.

“The Great NYC Burger Tour,” first announced…half a year ago, will be kicking off with write-ups of M2M, Corner Bistro, and Shake Shack. A feast for the eyes! Or something!

But wait, there’s more! (After the jump!)

A Bright New Future

April 1, 2009

Notice anything… different?

tamagotchi_2Here at Lifting Fog, we pride ourselves on reinvention and the idea that life is an ever-changing tapestry, always sending us in directions wide and exciting. Young, liberal, and filled with unbridled hope for the future enthusiasm, DJ Steve and I embrace change on an almost daily basis. New clothes. New ideas (have you read Nietzsche? Like, really read him?). If you didn’t know better, you’d think we’re schizophrenic! We’re not!

But this change that we’ve sprinkled so lovingly on all facets of our lives has so far not extended into Lifting Fog. Afraid of revealing about ourselves those things new and potentially alienating, we’ve hidden our FORM under blankets of gray and light blue (depression much?)… restricted our CONTENT in straitjackets of snark and “humor.” That is, until now. Meet the new, real us!

UPDATE: April Fool’s! Remember the good times we had today here and here. Memories…

Let us know what you think in the comments below and remember – you are beautiful creatures, all of you. Spread your love!

Polar Bear Tuesday!

February 10, 2009


“That’s right – every Tuesday from now on will be POLAR BEAR TUESDAY, a time to honor and celebrate these majestic Arctic mammals in aggressively adorable photos and video. At play! At rest! At your computer! Each week we’ll highlight the latest polar bear media culled from our vast network of polar bear researchers and church groups. Get to know one of the animal kingdom’s most wondrous creatures, all from the comfort of your living room! You can throw away your Precious Moments figurines, Aunt Deidre – super-cute has a new name, and it’s Lifting Fog.”

… How much would you love this?

All polar bear joking aside, I’d really like to establish one or two days a week as “such and such” days – times when we regularly revisit one particular subject or theme. Call it laziness. Call it progress. Whatever the view, I think it would serve two purposes: 1) forcing me to a pseudo-schedule and 2) giving you something to regularly look forward to. We all know there is nothing to look forward to now.

Except more of this, after the jump!

Red, Green, Blue, and Silver

December 8, 2008

The holiday season is finally, forcefully upon us and so as to not piss anyone off demonstrate our commitment to multi-faith fun, Lifting Fog is going all Chrismukkah on your ass! We spent all Sunday afternoon nosing around the attic for decorations. After stumbling on Dad’s old Playboys and a duffel full of acid-washed jeans, we finally found the family menorah (our mother’s side) and plastic Christmas wreath (our father’s). I think they add a lot of cheer to the banner, don’t you? And not to be outdone by your coffee cup, we’ve dressed the whole site in Starbucks red. (Red)iculous! Check your RSS feeds for more Lifting Fog holiday action as we close in on the end of December. We’ve got plenty of- No way.

… Is that snow?

This is going to be the best Chrismukkah ever!


Glad Tidings #1: Hanukkah’s colors are blue and silver, not blue and gold. Oy gevalt.

Glad Tidings #2: We thought we’d kick off the gift-giving a little early by adding two new links to our sidebar favorites. The first you’ve definitely heard of – everyone’s favorite compendium of cracker culture, Stuff White People Like. Despite lots of press and a recently published book, SWPL is still hilariously dead-on. We DO love peacoats! The next site is a recent obsession of Henning’s, Videogum. Offering commentary on everything from the latest eyebrow-raising Gossip Girl episode to the Juno backlash, it’s like a much tighter version of Lifting Fog. I mean keep reading us.