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The McCrazy Files: Rumble at 157th Street!

August 21, 2008

McDonald’s. 157th Street and Broadway. 6:45 PM. I’m waiting in line to order a heart-healthy #2 when a large woman walks in, loudly announcing her arrival. “Time to eat, time to eat,” she says and licks her lips as she ponders the Dollar Menu. Unfortunately for her, it’s a notoriously slow McDonald’s. A fast food explosion seems inevitable. Sure enough, she goes off after five minutes. “We waitin’ in this line and you over there makin’ a salad or some gay ass shit.” The manager tries to ignore her. “I’m about to hop this fuckin’ counter and make my OWN damn food.” She elicits a few laughs, a few groans. I’ve been in line with people like this before – angry, obnoxious people who want everyone to know who’s in charge. It’s hardly a question of geography, either – they live everywhere. In Harlem, though, people don’t say things that they won’t back up. Read on!