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“Can You Hear Me, Major Tom?” RELOADED

September 4, 2011

In a summer where one of the most talked-about movie releases is the latest in a 40-year-old franchise and the average age of baseball’s best team is, like, 35, it’s no surprise that David Bowie’s Major Tom, a character first introduced in 1969, has gotten a new lease on life. It JUST MAKES SENSE. To wit: Breaking Bad‘s deceased nerd chemist, Gale Boetticher, a few weeks ago sang a karaoke version of “Major Tom” (by Peter Schilling).

(Was the catalyst for his murder rooted entirely in this performance? We’ll have to wait for the season finale to know for sure.) And now for the kids, illustrator Andrew Kolb has put together the saddest book ever in his illustrated version of Bowie’s “Space Oddity.”

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Some Sick Videos. That’s It.

March 3, 2010

Take it as one of the reasons we don’t post everyday or just a testament to our own false sense of superiority (either works!), but it’s become something of a Lifting Fog mission to not allow this site to become a compendium of Internet paraphernalia. You know the stuff: Downfall Hitler mash-ups*, bizarre music videos** — the endless and endlessly inane stream of clips and images and links that keep us from writing our novel (it’s about a society disconnected) or even getting to that article we bookmarked on avoiding procrastination. “Dude, this is the SICKEST video I’ve ever seen. Starts kind of slow, but you have to watch the whole thing!” will probably be the last thing we hear before collapsing onto our keyboards and embracing warm, sweet death. Lifting Fog doesn’t want to be a party to that! We refuse to drink the Kool-aid***!

…But sometimes the videos really are the sickest you’ve ever seen. And what can you do?

Vodpod videos no longer available.

This “History of Western Art”-inspired Hold Your Horses! video is pretty French and yet PRETTY SICK.

Two more SICK videos after the jump, because of the rule of three.

Lifting Fog Declares War on the Haters

January 27, 2010

Say you made a promise to some people. A very specific and, in fact, easily met promise. That promise goes unmet for three months. Those people (for the purposes of this post let’s call them “fa”– who are we kidding, “fans” is just ridiculous!) wait and wait. In the cold. In the rain. When they finally give up on you, they give up HARD. You’re considered “dead”; “a liar”; even “Stalin-esque” by some of the crazier elements of the bunch. So what do you do when you finally try to fulfill that long-forgotten promise? What can you possibly say that eases the pain of those lost months; rebuilds bridges you had so carelessly burned down and PISSED ON as you quietly walked away? Nothing, really.


(Candy) Explosions in the Sky

July 27, 2009

This is just awesome:

Right? Of course it would have been infinitely more appropriate to post this three weeks ago (when the fireworks were still firing), but Flood Immunity means I can operate outside your traditional timetable. And isn’t this animation sweet REGARDLESS of holiday affiliation? Acquitted of all charges.

The guy who made this, PES, might not sound familiar to you… but you’ve definitely seen his work. He’s promoted Coinstar and Bacardi, among other well-known brands, and his distinctive visual style is really something to behold. Check out his website and ponder your own lost artistic dreams.

Things That Happened In The Last Five Weeks, Part 5

November 9, 2008

5) I Became More And More Convinced That Watchmen Might Actually Be Good

Over the summer I shared with you my concerns for the upcoming Watchmen adaptation. How Zach Snyder doesn’t inspire much confidence. How the book is practically holy scripture for legions of bearded, caped fans and to translate would be blasphemous. How after following the film’s production and watching its trailer I… am not so worried anymore. Really. At least on an artistic level, it looks as though they’ve done everything right. The latest round of posters (included below) does nothing to dissuade that notion.


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August 17, 2008

The dust has hardly settled on The Dark Knight ($400 Million and counting!) yet fans are already looking forward to the next (as yet untitled, as yet unwritten, as yet unplanned) film in the series. Who will the villain(s) be? Will Robin show up? Will Nolan open up Gotham to more than one female character?

Armed with pretty solid Photoshopping skills, one intrepid fan has designed a teaser poster for his dream sequel – one where Batman faces off against Zodiac The Riddler in a David Fincher-esque landscape. I know it’s fake, but the possibility of this one coming to pass feels real enough. My pants are wet.

Click for the bigger version!

Credit to for clueing me in on this one. The original artist is unknown, but I suspect Jim Carrey.

It’s A Crow Eating Contest

August 1, 2008

The Watchmen movie marketing machine (M³) is still batting a thousand. First that pimptastic teaser. Then the introduction of unique “Motion Comics.” Now these:

Dr. Manhattan

Dr. Manhattan

Oh, there’s more.