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‘Mad Men’: Spot the Anachronism!

September 4, 2009

Mad-Men-Don-DraperThere was a brief moment in Sunday’s Mad Men (really under-the-radar show, no one watches it) where junior ad man Paul Kinsey reached into his pocket and I, along with everyone I was watching with, thought he was going to pull out a cell phone. To call someone. In 1963! This would have been a glaring historical inaccuracy, obviously — and anyway would never have made it past creator Matthew Weiner’s (whose obsessive attention to detail borders on psychopathic) gaze — but it got me thinking… How much funnier an hour-long comedy would Mad Men be with some well-placed “spot the anachronism” Easter eggs for superfans and other easily flustered viewers? So much funnier, right? Consider the following proposal for a very special April Fool’s Day episode:

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