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BDA: New Orleans (10/1-4/10)

November 5, 2010

Having seen most of Treme when it aired earlier this year on HBO, I felt well prepared for my weekend in New Orleans. (I knew, for instance, that street musicians HATE “When the Saints Go Marching In” requests.) But busking, you learn, is only part of a much larger culture that encompasses exotic cooking, voodoo, and HOLY SH*T the biggest alligators this side of Peter Pan. Readers, welcome to Flavor Country.

A little preamble: It’s just about 1000 miles from Chicago to New Orleans on two days of driving, and that north-south divide makes itself known in a number of ways. The way Pilot gas stations gradually give way to a blanket of Love’s(s); the growing emphasis on Sweet Tea at McDonald’s (…which I’ll never understand). There’s that moment where it just feels right to start blasting Skynyrd.

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