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U.S. Track Sprinters: Olympic Sad Sacks

August 22, 2008

Good grief. In an Olympics where some things have gone so right for the United States (Michael Phelps’ unprecedented EIGHT GOLD MEDALS; Nastia Liukin’s and Shawn Johnson’s back and forth winning performances; Beach Volleyball SWEEP) it’s inevitable that some things would go, well, so wrong. The track team – specifically the sprinters – has borne the brunt of this shitty luck, best exemplified by tonight’s semis disqualification of both the men’s and women’s 4x100m relays. Each team was on to pace to advance to the finals until the last leg, when shoddy fundamentals sent their batons falling to the ground. Said women’s anchor Lauryn Williams, “maybe somebody somewhere has a voodoo doll on the United States.” I’m no astute judge of Track & Field, but everything I’ve read suggests their disqualifications were entirely avoidable; caused by mistakes you correct in high school. Still, you can’t help but feel sorry for a team just having a series of bad days. More?