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EW’s Tip for Rising Out of the Slums: Star In an Award-Winning Film

March 12, 2009

It needn’t be said that here at the Fog, we consider ourselves fairly privileged. I mean, blogs sure, but blogs with original graphics and categories? Well that’s just a horse of a different color. Today I write to reflect on an article that I first peeped in the hard copy version of this week’s Entertainment Weekly. Can you believe things are still printed on paper these days? Save the planet, start a blog, brah. EW has one foot ahead and behind the curve though, as the article is also here in digital form. While it doesn’t read like a how-to article, it’s clear what EW is suggesting (I’ve always been a master of reading between the lines, you know). The easiest way to rise above the poverty line in India is by starring in an Oscar-winning film. I guess the fact that it wins an award is secondary to the more important issue of cash flow the film generates, but who says social work can’t be art as well.

Not us. Keep reading!