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The McCrazy Files: “My McNuggets Are An Emergency!”

March 4, 2009

There are two sure things in this life: one, that we will all at some point die; two, that fast food chains will always be a magnet for ridiculousness. Rumbles under the Golden Arches. Relationship-destroying initiatives echoing from the Burger King’s burger palace. You can’t make this shit up, which is also sadly (but deliciously) true for today’s addition to the McCrazy files.

McFailWhen you’ve gotta have your Chicken McNuggets, you’ve gotta have your Chicken McNuggets. When you can’t GET those Nuggets, then you call 911. Wait, what? That’s what Floridian Latreasa Goodman did last Saturday when her local McDonald’s ran out of her favorite chicken product and, citing their “no refund” policy, offered her a McDouble and fry instead. AAWWW HEEEELLL NAAWW. Goodman wasn’t having any of that noise, and decided this was a dispute only the police could sort out. She called 911 three times. THREE TIMES. (That’s a McHat Trick or a McOut, depending on the sport, but it’s clear that Goodman was ready to play ball.)

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