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90210h No

September 11, 2008

Yeah, I watched 90210. What.

I’m a little put out to realize that Lifting Fog’s televisual efforts are so far concentrated solely on The CW. Last week, DJ Steve brought you a quickie dissertation on the reasons we watch Gossip Girl; today our focus is 90210, a remake/update of a show that made Han Solo vests and floral leggings a popular fashion choice in the early 90’s. Forgetting the fact that we already watch too much television to begin with, it’s important to note that both these shows are targeted primarily to adolescent girls. We’re clearly spending our post-collegiate days wisely.

Jerry: “What kind of lives are these? We’re like children. We’re not men.”
George: “No we’re not. We’re not men.”

But cut us some slack, yeah? With the Big Three (NBC, ABC and CBS) leaving the premieres of their best shows until the end of September (at least), there’s a dearth of prime time programming and thus the perfect opportunity for teen dramas to really sparkle. Who can’t get behind a good love triangle? An awesomely predictable “I’m addicted to dangerous-looking pills” plot line? Without Liz Lemon and Barney Stinson, anyway, there’s really no choice but to embrace a bunch of horny teens. And we sure have! In an unplanned cross-coastal exercise, LA-based DJ Steve has tackled the Upper East Side; I’m now responsible for your driving tour of Beverly Hills. Buckle up, betches!