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2010 Winter Olympics: Not Boring! (Part FIN)

March 4, 2010

Well, they’re over.

The 2010 Vancouver Games ended on Sunday night not with a dull whisper but with The Marriage Ref a boisterous, nonsensical roar — the most fitting capper possible to a two-week competition that, at every turn, proved more weird and entertaining than it had any right to be. Lifting Fog spent a few days during those two weeks celebrating the people and events that made this happen — see here, here, here, and here — but the Olympics being a HUGE INTERNATIONAL affair, we only really scratched the surface. What did we miss while we were doing keg stands at the Holland Heineken House?

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2010 Vancouver Olympics: Not Boring! (Part Four)

February 25, 2010

8) Evgeni Plushenko Knows The Truth

I don’t know much about Figure Skating. If judging were up to me, athletes would all be graded on song selection (the girl who skated to the Pirates of the Caribbean theme last night would have won) and number of smiles. It is really a good thing I am not a judge! Still, I’m tuned in enough to generally understand what’s going on. I can see the moves. I get that there’s a yin and yang balance between grace and innovation; can spot the difference between a skater executing his program with consistency and one looking to “raise the game.” I know an American from a Russian program. On the ice, I can tell Evan Lysacek and Evgeni Plushenko apart.

But off the ice is so much easier, because one of them is dark-haired and modest and the other one is TOTALLY CRAZY.

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2010 Vancouver Olympics: Not Boring! (Part Three)

February 22, 2010

Like Star Wars and the world of competing tech companies, the “blogosphere” (…) plays stage to a never-ending war of good vs. evil. Defending the light side are blogs about travel and art, simple joys like cooking; that sort of shit. Opposite good? The Perez Hiltons and Gawkers of the world, spewing smug cattiness and snark at every turn; graduates with honors of the “bitch please” school of communication. One side writes, the other criticizes. And the war goes on forever.

Yesterday’s Olympics program was like a blogging ink blot test: you either commented on the beautiful butterfly (US Men’s Hockey team’s incredible victory over Canada; Bode Miller winning his first gold in the Super Combined) or the dog with its head cleaved open (culturally insensitive Ice Dancing outfits/routine). Binary response.

What you probably didn’t see?

7) The Holland Heineken House

In Olympics blogging, as in any great conflict, there is always a third option: house music, drinking, and over-sized medals. Today, we are all Dutch.

2010 Vancouver Olympics: Not Boring! (Part Two)

February 19, 2010

Despite a) knowing next to nothing about any Winter Olympics sport, from rules to competitors to the name of the sport and b) through last Friday, not caring at all about the Vancouver Games, I’ve recently found myself — like many Americans and obviously all Canadians — in the throes of full-bore Olympic Fever. IT’S ALL OVER MY BODY GET IT OFF!

What’s made this terrible illness so exciting, I think, is the fact that its contraction was completely unexpected. The Winter Olympics, as we all know, are totally boring. Short of a Tonya Harding attack, there is nothing that can compete with the awesomeness of a record-setting 100m dash; no event on snow that can come close to matching a race in water. The divide is straight up Dickensian; for these Vancouver Games to break free of that would be almost a crime against nature.

So they don’t try. Instead, Vancouver has from the start embraced all that is decidedly NOT summer (you saw the opening ceremonies’ giant polar bear, right?) and reveled in the peculiarities of a community that actually enjoys winter. And comparing 2010 to 2006, it has offered some major improvements in the process!

Such as…

2010 Vancouver Olympics: Not Boring! (Part One)

February 18, 2010

Let’s be real for a second: the Winter Olympics have always represented something of an un-sexy, boring halfway point to their summer cousin. That’s just the way it is. Too many layers of clothing (not sexy!), too much equipment (who’s running this show?), and too many unusual sports (the winter biathlon is comprised of running and SHOOTING) have made it difficult for the February games to ever capture the imagination. Particularly the collective American one, which demands entertainment and gratification at every turn. It’s just the way we’re wired.

Most of us, I’d imagine, were fully expecting more of the same last Friday when the 2010 Vancouver Games kicked off with three hours of angry tap-dancing and a never-ending tribute to the indigenous peoples of Canada. “These Games are sure to be a waste of our time, honey,” you said to your significant other on the couch. “When is American Idol on again? THAT is a show I enjoy watching.” Yup — another boring Winter Olympics.


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