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A Completely Sentimental Post About Blink-182

February 9, 2009

8915578Amidst the 37 and a half performances at last night’s Grammy Awards, one event stood head and shoulders above the rest – the announcement by Mssrs. Hoppus, DeLonge, and Barker that after four years of “indefinite hiatus,” Blink-182 was finally getting back together. For those of you who have taken your graduation from high school to heart and “moved on” with your lives, a brief Blink refresher: they were your favorite pop-punk band ever. From 1999 (when their quadruple platinum Enema of the State made it the teenage-iest summer ever) to maybe 2002, they were top of the heap for mildly angsty music dressed in Vans and non-threatening spikes. They were your late 90’s, much peppier and more toilet humor-oriented Nirvana. (But nowhere near as talented DON’T SHOOT ME.) They were your suburban rebellion. My suburban rebellion? I said I DON’T WANT DINNER TONIGHT, MOM.

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