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Okay, Seriously… ‘Kings’ on Saturday Night?

April 9, 2009

Yesterday, NBC made a bold move to push their newest Aaron Sorkin-like drama OUT of the limelight and into the shadows. Kings, which stars Ian McShane and a whole lot of, “wait, what do I know him from?” guys and gals, has been put out to pasture, it would seem. I kept quiet when Studio 60 on the Sunset Strip went belly up amidst a writer’s strike, but this act of treason I cannot bear to let stand (just a taste of the old English monarchy talk for you there, pretty good right?). Seriously NBC, what’s going on over there? I have been telling anyone and everyone about how great the show is and everyone seems to agree with me after viewing it: this show is DAMN good. It’s not the best, but it’s certainly engaging on many levels. Since when does that not warrant serious consideration from a network’s programming department?

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‘Chuck’ Needs Your Help, Nerds

April 7, 2009

want-youBesides maybe a special variant action figure, nothing gives nerds more pleasure than latching on to a TV show no one else watches. There’s something intimate to it, like you’re forging a deep personal relationship that no one else could possibly understand. It’s difficult to explain, even to those REAL people closest to you (“You don’t know Futurama like I do, Mom!” you scream over the phone. “It’s good to me!”). Your homemade t-shirt and weird e-mail signatures don’t help.

The great irony here (not grasped by nerds, who unsurprisingly do not understand the concept) is that without mainstream support, our shows are doomed to cancellation. And like any passionate love affair, when these things end… they end badly. Talked to any Battlestar Galactica nerds lately? Probably not, since they all killed themselves when their show ended a few weeks ago. Same story with Firefly, Futurama, Jericho: show ends, nerds commit ritual suicide. It’s very sad, and can’t be good for the economy.

What can you do to stem this ever-rolling tide of mass nerd offings? The answer is simple: save the last bastion of nerd hope on network television. Save Chuck.

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Credit(s) Where Credit’s Due

April 2, 2009

television1It’s an old but true saying that behind every great television show is a great opening credits sequence. (What?) From I Love Lucy to Green Acres to Cheers; Lassie to Miami Vice to The Sopranos, shows that captivate viewers in the first thirty seconds have proven 83% more likely to retain their audience (and be good, too). That’s just statistics. A well-mixed cocktail of music, flashy imagery, and a dynamic typeface can even disguise the sometimes mediocre content that follows. People sat through two craptacular middle seasons of The O.C., they loved the song “California” so much. A strong credits sequence can render the audience putty in your hands.

Lifting Fog is today going to do something  we’ve always shied away from – making lists – and we’re doing so for two reasons (ha!):

1) The writing staff needs time to recharge after exerting ourselves, vigorously, on April Fool’s Day. The unicorn in particular was really kind of draining.
2) The economy and stuff.

After the jump, examination of some of the best opening credits sequences ever devised (at least according to Henning, and in no particular order, so…) with careful frame-by-frame analysis and applied Jungian theory. Or more just “this is what I am thinking about this.”

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Parks and Recreation: Will It Be the New (old) Office?

February 22, 2009
The cast of P & R

The cast of P & R

The muchly anticipated sitcom from the Office writers/producers has a new promo this week (or at least I’ve never seen it until now despite its apparent airing during the Super Bowl). The show, called Parks and Recreation, premieres on April 9th and stars SNL vet Amy Poehler, Human Giant vet Aziz Ansari, and The Office Boston Public vet Rashida Jones. There’s more vets here than a damn Born on the 4th of July rally! Peep the promo here (writer’s note: WordPress, please step your embedded video game up).

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A Lost Episode Without Juliet is Like a Flower Without its Petals

February 19, 2009

Oh Lost, why must you pain me so? Don’t worry, no SPOILER ALERTS here… just a longing reflection of the woman of my Professor Frink-iest dreams… Dr. Juliet Burke. Seriously Lindelof, what the shit is going on? Juliet has scarcely said more than 20 words this season (not that she ever needs to say much more to get her point across). I miss the days where she was the Prison Guard to Jack’s prisoner status in the delightful Prisoner’s Dilemma example from Season 3. “Eat your food, Jack.” Yes ma’am!

She was the apple of more than one man on the Island’s eye. But is it because of her cold logic problem solving or her perfectly rumpled J. Crew buttondowns matching her just woke up dirty blonde curls? For me, I don’t know if I can discern between the two: both have me tittering like a school boy on chicken finger day in the cafeteria. All I’m saying is Juliet is the keeper of all things holy and secret on the Island. She’s been playing all sides, all the time: Others, other Others, Tailies, the Oceanic 6, you name it. And I’ve never blamed her once. Juliet, how could I stay mad at you? When you quietly and bluntly tell me what to do and where to go, I’m protesting on the outside but melting on the inside. This may have been the nerdiest post I’ve ever written. Good thing no one from the Lost cast is a member of the blogosphere, right?

For Your Consideration, The Biggest Douche In The Universe

February 12, 2009

We’re like butter today, huh? The fun continues with a close look at one of the most reprehensible people you’re ever likely to meet (or catch on YouTube below).


Does anyone watch Wife Swap on ABC? I’ve only ever seen snippets with my brother (he’s a big fan), but never considered it Must-See/Can’t-Look-Away television… until now. January 30th’s episode swapped what I imagine to be two of their standard wife archetypes – Midwestern “dumb redneck” and San Franciscan “smug liberal” – but with the unexpected result of unveiling to the universe, as the header suggests, its Biggest Douche Ever. Really.

Part One:

Part Two (if you can bear it) after the jump!

FINALLY, ‘Flight of the Conchords’ Does ‘Magnolia’

February 2, 2009

Flight of the Conchords, February 2009

You waited the entire first season, but it never came. Sure, there were parodies of Bowie, gangster rap and 60’s French pop… but nothing to hit that Aimee Mann sweet spot. Nothing that knocked your ironic argyle socks clear off, rearranged like alphabet soup the ironic statement on your ironic t-shirt.

/ Drags on cigarette.

This, of course, all changed last night when HBO’s Flight of the Conchords finally paid homage to the movie that defines “I don’t get it, but that just means it’s good, right?”: Magnolia. The parody is dead-on, as evidenced after the jump.


Possible Scenarios In Which American Idol Can Gain Even More Ratings

January 28, 2009

With another season of America’s favorite past time already under way (laughing at people that have less talent than us and then spitefully voting against people who have more talent than us), Fox will inevitably hit an out of the park ratings home run… again. The question stands: what could the producers of Idol put on our televisions that would garner MORE ratings? My guess is absolutely nothing (almost).

And believe me, they’ve already tried to throw us under the bus. A new “emmy nominated” host AND less audition footage? How dare you, Fox. But like Farrah Fawcett in the Burning Bed, we just can’t say no to a bad, bad thing. Here are some possible scenarios in which the ratings may actually go up for Idol this season.

Seacrest becomes Harry Potter


Nerd Alert: I Found a Parallel Between 2 Different NBC Shows That Aired in Different Seasons

January 18, 2009
30 Night Lights?!

30 Night Lights?!

This blog was founded by nerds and for that reason I feel comfortable posting this revelation. After I finished whipping myself and wearing a garter of thorns around my thigh while going on weekly runs around the neighborhood for missing the last three 30 Rock episodes, I decided it was time to skip the dramatics and catch up one of my favorite shows while I was at work. In doing so, I had a nerd aneurysm resulting in spotty vision and  an overwhelming sense of arrogance for being able to report to you a parallel I found between 30 Rock and my other favorite NBC show The Office Friday Night Lights.

Please read the following paragraph (out loud or internally) in the following Simpsons’ nerd voice. In Episode 307 (entitled “Senor Macho Solo”) of 30 Rock, Jack falls in love with his elderly mother’s latina caretaker, played by the always stunning Selma Hayek. In Season 2 of FNL, starting around Episode 207 (entitled “Pantherama!”), QB 1 Matt Saracen begins to fall in love with his elderly grandmother’s latina caretaker. Say what!? Is this some sort of PA script copying prank over at the NBC Universal building, or is this the perfect example of Jack Donaghy’s quest for synergy (as he reminds us, is bigger than all of us). Both mother/grandmother characters suffer from some form of dementia, and both latina care takers are hot!

While this revelation literally has no affect or relevance to the real world or anyone’s lives, I did find it uncannily satisfying. I guess getting a degree in television is finally paying off.

‘Tis the Season to Sue or be Sued

December 26, 2008

Two and a Half Gilmore GirlsAct now! Before you know it, your piece of delicious studio pie will be gobbled up by your equivalent of Kevin McAllister’s Uncle Frank. Everyone and their brother in the entertainment industry must have woken up on Christmas one of the eight days of Hanukkah and thought to themselves “My friends have had it too good for too long and I’m going to do something about it.” As recently as this week, Bugs Bunny and Co. has entered into a frenzy of legal battles that can only end in heartbreak. This morning, I woke up to read that a former Gilmore Girls producer (which aired on a channel called the WB, so000 old skool right?!) wasn’t happy with his X-mas presents over the last four years. Another sweater, WB? Come on!

And just last week, WB decided to sue its most successful son in law in years, Two and a Half Men. Warner Bros. seems to have grown tired of shelling out the rent money and free dinners every night for the most popular sitcom on television after Sheen and Co. have neglected to scratch their back in return. “I swear I’ll pay you back, Mr. Warner,” the ungrateful son in law utters as he grabs the keys to the Benz and heads out the door to the bar on Christmas Eve.

As if that wasn’t enough, yesterday a judge in Los Angeles handed down a ruling on the all important Watchmen ligation case involving Fox and WB. The judge Scrooge decided that the rights do in fact belong to Fox which means that hopes of a March release for every geek’s wet dream have just been shattered. Can’t we all just get along this holiday season? Or at least stay together for the sake of the kids!