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Nintendo: So Many Fans, So Little Time Spent Rewarding Them

October 19, 2009

Wii is Boring

My guess is that by this point in time, anyone still bothering to read the Fog is either looking for porn in the wrong place (sorry!) or a Nintendo geek… or both. In case you haven’t noticed, the Nintendo loyalty around these parts is nothing short of unending. SPOILER ALERT, this post is going to be about Nintendo, but before you 360 whores turn your attention elsewhere, hear me out: this is not a puff piece. In fact, as a dedicated Wii user and longtime Nintendo fan, it breaks my heart to have to write such harsh things about a company I have grown to love over the years. But I’ve gone quiet for too long. Despite containing a market share of nearly double any of its competitors, the Wii platform has done little to stimulate its fan base on any sort of level. What was the best game you played on the Wii? Oh yeah, Twilight Princess… a LAUNCH title.

The Nintendo Wii was released to eager consumers in the prosperous time of 2006 when people still trusted banks and CNN was still a “news” outlet rather than a mere pawn of social networking websites. Yes, those were the days. On that fateful November day, I waited in line in the freezing cold at Walmart with people like this, anxious to get my hands on some new, exciting video game hardware before the rest of the waking world. And boy was it sweet, taking control of Link in an epic, 40+ hour game that I had yearned to play from the time it was promised to be released on the GameCube. But what have you done for me lately, Nintendo?

Not a whole lot, as the post title suggests. Find out exactly how little after the jump!

Lifting Fog: A Look Ahead

September 21, 2009

In which we (I) fail once again to produce an actual post, but talk about posts that are coming soon. I swear. I’m really not kidding, guys.

It’s easy to talk. We all say absurd things we can’t possibly back up; make outrageous claims that, given a quick Google search, will most assuredly be proven false. The bulk of us are liars and snake oil salesmen, wrapping our fiction in pretty bows and winking to the audience as we sell a load of crap to naive, trusting townsfolk.

But that is not Lifting Fog*!

We may not be much for consistency — I think I wrote eight times this summer? — but we are truth-tellers through and through, dedicated to fulfilling our promises no matter how long or hard-fought the road to publication. And now, with summer bottling up its last golden rays, the time seems more fitting than ever to let you in on our forthcoming stabs at blog satisfaction. A look ahead:

Haiku Reviews of Inglourious Basterds, Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince, Funny People, and Up. “But aren’t all of those movies, like, out of theaters?” Umm, aren’t the DVDs coming out soon? TIMELY.

“The Great NYC Burger Tour,” first announced…half a year ago, will be kicking off with write-ups of M2M, Corner Bistro, and Shake Shack. A feast for the eyes! Or something!

But wait, there’s more! (After the jump!)

Guitar Hero Manages To Steal The Beatles’ Spotlight One Controversy At A Time

September 14, 2009

While millions of young kids across the country are being introduced to The Beatles for the first time thanks to Harmonix’s The Beatles: Rock Band, things in their number one competitor’s camp are unfolding far more dramatically. Sure, the joy of finally seeing your children play a video game that you can identify with is a heart-warming story… but the dramatic turn of events surrounding Guitar Hero 5 and the ill-executed Kurt Cobain avatar has been far more interesting. Read it and weep, Generation Y:

Right? More controversy after the jump.

Ladies and Gentlemen, The Beatles!

September 8, 2009

It’s Tuesday, which makes “Mondaze” an inaccurate label, but who cares. Tuesdaze. The Beatles!

They say that everything old is new again, and right now nothing proves that more than the hyper fanfare surrounding the latest offerings from The Beatles. 45 years after appearing mop-topped and suited-up on the Ed Sullivan show, the boys from Liverpool are once again driving women (and middle-aged men) crazy: tomorrow sees the twin release of The Beatles: Rock Band and remastered editions of all their albums. The box set of the latter has been sold out on Amazon since it was announced a few weeks ago; the former will likely be the most sought-after videogame of the fall. The Beatles, arguably the greatest and most devotion-inspiring band of the 20th century, have now successfully planted their flag in the filled with unmemorable music newish 21st. Good thing, those guys could definitely use the money!

What If Apple Created A Social Networking Application?

August 21, 2009

Please integrate all these functions into one application for my laziness' sake!WHOA TechCrunch, slow down, there’s a question mark at the end of that heading! More and more I’ve been trying to make sense of the various news and social networking outlets I frequent on an hourly basis. Sure, you’ve got your Twitter, Facebook, and MySpace accounts to worry about but throw in your favorite RSS filter/reader and you could spend an entire day plugged into the internet and never read the same thing twice. It can be a bit overwhelming. We are slowly inching towards a Matrix reality where we are jacked into the internet, learning ju-jitsu in 10 seconds, and then fighting an African-American mentor in a digital dojo. Some think it terrifying, but I think it’s exciting! (more…)

Live-Tweeting the Apocalypse

July 26, 2009

Floodfest2009 (House)

We’ve been dancing this dance for over a year now, guys (happy 1st anniversary, btw!), so you know pretty well by now that I’m a veritable bottomless pit of imaginative excuses. I’ve got material for every occasion, like:

Holiday laziness!

To explain my month-long vacation from Lifting Fog (shorter than the last one by two weeks!) would mean painful recollections of Russian Roulette tournaments, extraterrestrial probing, and drug addiction… (Jan. 15, 2009)

Seasonal affective disorder!

…undergoing radical eyebrow surgery, or doing missionary work in Zambia, or taking the LSATs (Oct. 17, 2008)

Indecisive feelings on a movie I desperately wanted to like!

One week later I sat down to watch the movie again, this time in IMAX. It seemed right to offer Watchmen, a film so unavoidably tangled in decades of hype and expectation, a second chance. (Mar. 31, 2009)

My dedication to time-sensitive blogging is the stuff that wins lifetime achievement awards. But two weeks ago, I was finally afforded a LEGITIMATE reason not to blog when my apartment — a three-bedroom pre-war in Hamilton Heights — started drowning in dirty pipe water. Ceilings caving in. Hallways flooding. THE APOCALYPSE, FAM. This being 2009, though, and my priorities being well-organized…I was able to tweet the whole rusty mess.

Twitter Apocalypse Floodfest2009

Won’t you join in the fun?

Your Name… or Your Life!

June 12, 2009
These 2 are not be related at all, but I tried to make an analogy.

These 2 are not be related at all, but I tried to make an analogy.

Which is it going to be, sir? I know I’ve been watching a lot of HBO’s Deadwood lately and I know I must seem like I’m on some sort of digital persona kick, but on the eve of tonight’s online gold rush I just can’t help but post about this. Tonight is the dawn of a new era. In case you were living under a rock or you didn’t have the Internet, tonight is the night (at 12:01 AM EST) that Facebook will offer personalized addresses for individual profiles. Tired of just being a number on Facebook? Now’s your chance to differentiate yourself from the masses with a personal domain, i.e. (If you try to take this one, I will find you. And kill you.) However, if you surf in at a casual 12:03 AM you may find yourself on the short end of the stick. Don’t be surprised how many Richard Richardsons there are in the world. You may have thought you were the only Paul Clandestino in the universe but in fact there are 3, and both PClandestino and PaulC are already taken!

Sorry, Paul! Keep reading to ease the pain…

Thoughts on Digital Identity in an Increasingly Transparent Future

June 5, 2009
An example of an individual who has mapped out his digital identity

An example of an individual who has mapped out his digital identity

How many tweets have you deleted so far in your life? How many photos have you de-tagged since you joined Facebook? If you’re like me, over the years you’ve determined that all Facebook photos and ill-timed tweets are not created equal and are not all fit to print. As I’m sure many people have realized, social networking sites thrive on the evaporation of a wall of privacy that didn’t even exist 10 years ago. Contact information, personal photographs, and self expression have exploded on the internet, all under the guise of “privacy” in the form of marking a check box to disallow certain people access to your digital life. Ten years ago (or about that time) I remember having my grandfather over for dinner. It was the night we decided to show him the Internet. We determined the best way to simultaneously blow his mind and sufficiently freak him out was to show him that his personal information was available without much searching. When we hit up whatever yellow pages site was popular at the time, we quickly located him and showed him that his address was available for anyone to see. We took it a step further by showing him how we could get directions to his house using that address. He wasn’t angry. He wasn’t terrified. The best way I could describe his reaction would be to call him mystified. I’ll never forget what he said after his jaw finally un-dropped: “If I didn’t put that stuff on there, then how did it get there?” We all had a good laugh about the whole thing, but part of me always ruminated on what he said. Much like a child can often see through something and arrive at a very simple explanation for something immensely complicated, my grandfather had showed me something increasingly alarming about the Internet. (more…)

Hulu Isn’t As Good As It Should Be, Right?

May 21, 2009
Who were the ad wizards that came up with this one?

Who were the ad wizards that came up with this one?

As soon as any new tech wave breaks from the vast, endless sea of start-ups, gadgets, and Twitter trends, I am always the first one to ride. For whatever reason, I was late to the Hulu party but now I’m not quite sure why I bothered RSVPing, let alone attending. Here’s the theory: offer easy-to-use online streaming of popular television shows and movies and support the typical advertising backend with embedded short, socially conscientious promotional material. Man, I have to say, that sounds AWESOME! And now the reality: HULUFAIL. Last night I wanted to watch some quality network television dramatic programming on the internet. To my horror, Kings has yet to post another episode beyond Ep 5: Judgment Day. The wheels in my head began turning: what is a new show I was mildly interested in watching  but missed the premiere of? Joss Whedon’s next attempt at Buffy success, Dollhouse was the first thing that came to mind. And what episodes of the show was Hulu featuring? Episodes 8 – 12. I’m sure I can figure out what’s going on by starting with Episode 8 of a highly complex, sci-fi geek-out show about people who exist in multiple worlds at the same time… oh wait… I can’t, because my IQ isn’t 300.

(It’s closer to 176, but still.) Keep reading!

Kindle 2 Should Warrant the Closing of All Libraries Around the World

April 22, 2009

WARNING: This post may include satire!

Doesnt to kindle mean to burn things?

Doesn't "to kindle" mean "to burn things"?

It’s official, Gadget Gurus and Electronic Book Evangelists. Kindle 2,’s update to their wildly successful electronic book system, has been released and is actually obtainable without long wait times. Finally, the time has come to close every library on the planet to make room for more Amazon shipping facilities. And it’s about time! I’m sick and fucking tired of waiting the maximum 24 hours for my Blu-Rays and vacuum cleaners to ship; I want to enjoy both… NOW. I think we can all agree that the “utility” of libraries has become somewhat diminished with the advent of, I don’t know… the INTERNET. With colleges around the country accepting Wikipedia as a viable bibliographic source (Columbus sailed the ocean blue in 1993? He did as soon as I change the entry), it’s time to get rid of all those dusty old book shelves wasting precious warehouse space.

Keep (e-) reading!