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To DJ Steve on His 42nd Birthday

August 31, 2009


And we didn’t think you’d make it past 33 with all the…well, you know. So happy you’re still bombing around! To those reading this in the Burbank area, be advised that Steve will probably pull out his guitar at some point tonight and ask you to join him in a Jimmy Eat World-ish version of “With a Little Help from My Friends.” Indulge him, this is his special day. Kisses!

PS – Although this post is filed under the “Junk Drawer” category, it’s worth mentioning that Steve is not, in fact, junk. At least junk gets picked up.

“Legos on Acid” or “What have you done that’s so great?”

August 25, 2009

Fifty years ago families would sit in front of the radio, once a day, for their news and entertainment. Correspondence with friends and relatives might take days or weeks, a properly crafted letter the primary form of communication. TV dinners didn’t exist, because TVs weren’t yet in mass production and the microwave had not even been conceived. It was a slower, simpler time.

Today we can order Chipotle from our cell phones, which makes the unimaginably exhausting work put into the video below all the more incredible:

Whaaaaaattt??!?!? According to his YouTube page, this Lego tribute to 8-bit games* (and Legos) took creator Thomas Redigh around 1500 hours to construct and shoot. That’s two full months of work, guys! Save for crying about stuff like this, I have never been so dedicated to anything in my life. Leave it to the Swedes to show the rest of us (even fellow Scandinavians) how lazy we all are.

* At some point I might have asked “If I’m devoting the better part of my time and energy to this project, shouldn’t I have chosen a more fulfilling subject than videogames?” but I digress.

What Tattoo Is More Badass: Death Eater’s Dark Mark vs. Symbol Of The Galactic Empire?

August 23, 2009

Dark Mark vs GEIn spending my Saturday night gorging on a LOST/Star Wars diet geeky enough to make the Comic Book guy cringe, an important question was raised in my mind. Recently I began seriously considering getting a tattoo on the inside of my left arm. Only after experiencing a dream in which I was told NOT to get one by a tattoo artist, did my desire subside a bit. But the thought process recalled an old discussion topic amongst my friends: how awesome would it be to have a replica tattoo of the Dark Mark from the Harry Potter world? Don’t get me wrong, when the chips fall I’m right next to the Weasleys fighting Fenrir Greyback off of 2nd year potions students in the battle for Hogwarts, but the ability to replicate something so authentic from the stories is pretty cool. But what a betrayal of all things good and decent in this world it would be! In my nerdness, the logical subsequent step in my thinking was this: what could be worse than a tattoo of the Dark Mark from Harry Potter? I concluded that the Galactic Empire symbol from Star Wars is capable of giving it a pretty good run for its money. Here’s how I see it breaking down…

Keep reading to see how I see it breaking down.

Happy Birthday, Hermano!

April 13, 2009

You know us, right? You know that we’ll never tell you what we had for lunch, or how excited we are for prom, or what our favorite Andrew Bird lyric is. However MESSY and DRAMATIC and REAL our lives may be (and they are!!), we’ve vowed not to bring any of that noise onto your RSS feed. What’s personal is pointless – that’s the Lifting Fog creed. This ain’t open mic night, fam!

But sometimes… that wall between public and private needs to be torn down; emotions laid bare, naked flesh exposed. Inspired by Kanye West coming out as a gay fish last week (good for you!), I realize I need to offer something more of myself this Monday, the 13th of April. I need… to wish my brother a Happy Birthday.


Fond Fog memories after the jump!

The Queen of England Celebrates April Fool’s Day at Our Expense at the G20 Conference

April 1, 2009
Taken Yesterday in Buckingham Palace

Taken Yesterday In Buckingham Palace

You’ve seen the Google tricks. You’ve noticed LF’s redecorating. Now behold the Queen mother of all pranks. In case you missed it, Prez Obama headed to the UK yesterday to rub elbows with the rest of the world’s greatest leaders to try to figure out the whole everyone-in-the-world-lost-their-job-and-savings-because-of-the-US thing. (Side note: Didn’t there used to be only 8 countries that mattered in the world… since when are there 20?! I mean I know Cuba’s been having a great year, but I don’t even know 20 people that I could trust with money, let alone 20 COUNTRIES!) But we didn’t elect no April’s Fool; the man came prepared. Obama ceremoniously presented the Queen with a SUPER special edition iPod: one with the yet to be released 2Pac comeback album and the entire Trick Daddy music video library video footage from her 2007 trip across the pond to America. Stacks on DECK, Barack… well played. But then the exchange turned volatile. CNN reports that the Queen then presented our commander in chief with “…a signed photograph of her and her husband, Prince Phillip, in a silver frame, her standard gift to foreign dignitaries.” Hey Obama: YOU JUST GOT PUNKED SON!

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A Bright New Future

April 1, 2009

Notice anything… different?

tamagotchi_2Here at Lifting Fog, we pride ourselves on reinvention and the idea that life is an ever-changing tapestry, always sending us in directions wide and exciting. Young, liberal, and filled with unbridled hope for the future enthusiasm, DJ Steve and I embrace change on an almost daily basis. New clothes. New ideas (have you read Nietzsche? Like, really read him?). If you didn’t know better, you’d think we’re schizophrenic! We’re not!

But this change that we’ve sprinkled so lovingly on all facets of our lives has so far not extended into Lifting Fog. Afraid of revealing about ourselves those things new and potentially alienating, we’ve hidden our FORM under blankets of gray and light blue (depression much?)… restricted our CONTENT in straitjackets of snark and “humor.” That is, until now. Meet the new, real us!

UPDATE: April Fool’s! Remember the good times we had today here and here. Memories…

Let us know what you think in the comments below and remember – you are beautiful creatures, all of you. Spread your love!

The Great NYC Burger Tour: Prologue

April 1, 2009

Eons ago, when the very sky was but a thought and the astral plane black, enveloping, God gave shape to the first cheeseburger – a succulent beef patty housed in a toasted bun and garnished with one of a variety of cheeses. “Chaisse-Bergord,” He called it, after his favorite Supernova. Like thunderbolts he thrust on this form lettuce, tomato, onions, and ketchup, rendering His creation a portable slice of heaven. (He had recently invented portability, too.) Fries and a coke? Yea, a backup choir of angels.


Not content to merely bestow upon man, another of His creations, the cheeseburger to which He had so awesomely given life, God deigned His most favorite culinary delight in the shape of recipes and oral traditions diffused over endless earth. No burger shaped by man, ignorant of the cosmic dance above, would match His for vitality and joy; for splendor and juiciness. Should one by chance replicate that which was birthed in the Heavens, well… that was not going to happen. No, man could not conjure such a burger.


The search for that most perfect of burgers begins anon…

Out Like A (Humble and Motivated) Lamb

March 23, 2009

We know you’re mad. Flight of the Conchords just ended, possibly indefinitely. Back in the real world, the economy’s riding the Porcelain Express. Life is terrible. You turn to Lifting Fog, your one bright spot in an otherwise dark, dismal day… and nothing’s here. Four posts last week, two of them about St. Paddy’s Day? Like so many baby daddies, we let you down.

But holster those pitchforks! We’ve got a week of film reviews (The Reader, Henning’s take on Watchmen), news reports (…when they happen) and humorous anecdotes (you won’t believe this pilates story!) on the docket, all awaiting your perusal. Calmer now? Mellowed? Winston Churchill once said that “nothing is more costly, nothing is more sterile, than vengeance.” The British Bulldog was always right. Hug somebody instead.

In Like A Lion…

March 2, 2009

It might be 65 degrees today in DJ Steve’s part of the country (it might also be 7 AM), but here in the Big Apple we’re sitting under a heavy blanket of snow. Three weeks from the official start of spring and we’ve been hit with the biggest snowfall of the season, closing public schools for the day (Dalton kids will be helicoptered in) and causing plenty of transportation delays. Consider my full day of doing nothing totally justified!

PS – Contrary to what we I posted last week, Lifting Fog will not, in fact, be observing Lent. As hedonists of the highest order, it would be positively futile for us to attempt abstinence of any kind. We’re with Bristol Palin – it’s just not realistic.

Happy Lent, Sinners!

February 25, 2009

normal_4x09-cap521Today is Ash Wednesday, and everybody who’s anybody is repenting like crazy for their transgressions against God and man. (I’m sorry for stealing your inhaler, Keith!) Today also marks the first day of Lent, identified by Wikipedia as the “forty-day (not counting Sundays) liturgical season of fasting and prayer before Easter.” No, Sister Aloysius, I didn’t know what Lent was. Call out my lack of Christian knowledge if you want, but remember that God alone holds the power to judge. That I steal neighbors’ newspapers and dogs or severely overuse the word “retard” should be none of your concern, only His. HE will judge me.

… Actually, that’s a lot worse.


Eager to hop on any religious, social, or political endeavor that might nudge us even a little way up from Hell, DJ Steve and I have decided this year to embrace the repentant spirit and give up something for Lent. It’s supposed to be something you shouldn’t be doing in the first place, right? Something fun and potentially harmful to others? After thinking long and hard that’s what she said about what to give up, we both finally came to the obvious answer: Lifting Fog.

That’s right, DJ Steve and I will be giving up blogging for the next forty days. In the meantime, read a book or adopt a kid or something. See you at Easter!