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April 3, 2009
The future center of your music world.

The future center of your music world.

I’ve been known to jump on a few bandwagons before, I know, but this time I think I’m on to something. Or I shouldn’t say I – many people are on to something. Imagine the following Web 2.0 defining characteristics: mobility, community, based in Silicon Valley. is all of these things but so much more. (NOTE: While this is certainly not a pay for play article, I will welcome any and all checks from the company if they should see fit.) I think this website is going to redefine how music is listened to in the future. I’m listening to it right now as I write this, in fact, indulging in “Oh La” by Ra Ra Riot after a friend reminded me of how much I love the song. This was the same friend who turned me on to the site (thanks Tim). So I guess you’re wondering why I think it’s going to change things as we know it.

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WTF is The Rock-afire Explosion?

November 10, 2008

Oh, you don’t know? For shame, readers, for shame. In case you aren’t up on your obscure YouTube video, cult-following subcultures, Lifting Fog has got your back. And no, I’m not talking about LonelyGirl15; I’m talking about a true, unscripted story of the American dream. Dive right in with the video below (WARNING: NOT suitable for children under the age of 17 or people who are currently high):

Speechless? Don’t worry, I wouldn’t leave you hanging – read on!

Pre-Week Brain Dump (Part 1 of 2)

September 15, 2008

DJ Steve’s been putting me to shame these last few days with lengthy, thoughtful posts on Kanye West’s celebrity and Saturday Night Live’s mediocrity. Both great. I’ve been surfing, eating, and acting inappropriately around college students. I also embedded a Super Mario World YouTube video! Lame. But that was last week – a brand new one is upon us, and with it a golden Phelpsian opportunity to redeem myself in your eyes. Like the Fightin’ Phils, I’m all about comebacks. Before I set to work on my next failed New Yorker article, though, I’ve got to clear my head of everything that’s taken up residence these past few days. Brewfest. Palin. Fringe. Matthew McConaughey. Nothing coherent enough to warrant an individual post, but each part of that perfect fall potpourri blend. You know the drill. Onward?

Who Wants Mooseburgers?

September 8, 2008
Miss Wasilla '84

Miss Wasilla 1984

Ever since I was elected secretary of my high school class in the fall of 2002 (Don’t Stop Believin’!!), I’ve been big into politics. The campaigning. The debating. The voting. The hugging. All that shit. What I find most fascinating about the election process, though, is the way one’s allegiances can sway from moment to moment, motivated by powerful speeches or newfound information. I loved Barack Obama… until I found out he was a terrorist. And Joe Biden wants to take Amtrak to Iraq (Amtraq)? Forget those guys.

These days my heart belongs to an Alaskan hockey mom named Sarah Palin. Heard of her? Since bursting onto the political scene following the Democratic National Convention, McCain’s VP pick has been a tornado of electoral energy. Calling out Obama for his dumb community organizing. Dousing the fire of her daughter’s Juno-ish (or “Juneau-ish” LOL) pregnancy scandal. Picking out salsa in New Mexico. She’s an amazing, hot, awesome politician. It’s no wonder she’s one of the most searched women on the Internet. When McCain croaks in office, she’ll be our first female commander-in-chief. But do we really know her?

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Unnecessary TV Supplements: “Lost Book Club”

August 6, 2008

I’m presupposing a few things in writing this post:

  1. You’re a fan of ABC’s simultaneously rewarding and infuriating show “Lost”.
  2. Like me, you’re sometimes unhealthily obsessed with its mythology and abundance of literary references.
  3. You’ve got time to kill.
If you fit all three of these descriptions, then read on!

Lost was truly designed for people like me. I mean, sure – normal people watch it, too, eagerly awaiting the next Kate/Sawyer hookup or mind blowing revelation (there’s a time machine! Jack and Claire are siblings! The Dharma Initiative is SkyNet!). They can follow without risking their marriages or sanity, just happily along for the ride. But what kind of way to watch television is that? Thankfully, the show has always catered primarily to its “hardcore” demographic, fans who aren’t satisfied with a meager hour per week and need additional sustenance to keep their addiction in check. There are sly references to previous episodes, clues that might lead to greater understanding of the island. Special videos premiere at Comic-Con, designed to whet fans’ appetites for the upcoming season. For the true nerds, though, the ones for whom Dungeons and Dragons “isn’t immersive enough” and most pants are “too constricting”, there’s the “Lost Book Club”. More? Really?

The Doctor is IN

July 30, 2008

QUICK UPDATE: Dr. Horrible’s Sing-Along Blog, the awesome Joss Whedon/Neil Patrick Harris (NPH) movie musical, is available to watch FREE on Maybe old news to everyone but me (not sure when they uploaded it), but check it out if you haven’t already.

Trendsetter Gambling

July 28, 2008

I’m not really cool in a traditional sense, like the Fonz. And even Seth Cohen would probably beat me up if I claimed non-traditional, ironic coolness. I just can’t pull it off. The closest I’ve come to either, anyway, was one time in 7th grade when I received a botched haircut that made me look like a retarded Beatle. So yeah – coolness has always been largely out of reach for yours truly. That doesn’t mean I’ve ever given up…

Black Kids, a band I shouldn’t like but, well, do, recently released their first LP Partie Traumatic and have their single I’m Not Gonna Teach Your Boyfriend How To Dance With You featured on the American Teen (more on this one soon) soundtrack. Rolling Stone declared them last November a “band to watch” in 2008. I would agree. “Wow,” you say to your friend or co-worker, “another endorsement for some obscure band that will more than likely stay obscure. Why did you send me to this kid’s blog again?” Then you click on Perez Hilton to restore your faith in the blogging community. It’s true – I have nothing new to offer here in the way of music promotion. If you’ve read all 13 (!) posts on this site or know anything about me, you’ve already figured out that my cultural receptors very rarely pull in anything that isn’t film or television related. Black Kids have already received their share of viral recommendations, anyway. Another from me is just white noise. (more…)

Found On The Interwebs: ‘Dr. Horrible’s Sing-Along Blog’

July 25, 2008

I’m rarely (forgive me for starting this post exactly the same way I started the last one) in the loop when it comes to Internet content. People send me shit, not the other way around, and more often than not I’m only discovering a popular YouTube video/flash animation/OMFG did you see this girl’s Facebook photos?!? months after it came into existence. So when something like Dr. Horrible’s Sing-Along Blog comes along and I KNOW that I’m one of the first to latch on, it’s all the more important that I spread the word. For your benefit, sure. More for my self-esteem.

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