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Nintendo: So Many Fans, So Little Time Spent Rewarding Them

October 19, 2009

Wii is Boring

My guess is that by this point in time, anyone still bothering to read the Fog is either looking for porn in the wrong place (sorry!) or a Nintendo geek… or both. In case you haven’t noticed, the Nintendo loyalty around these parts is nothing short of unending. SPOILER ALERT, this post is going to be about Nintendo, but before you 360 whores turn your attention elsewhere, hear me out: this is not a puff piece. In fact, as a dedicated Wii user and longtime Nintendo fan, it breaks my heart to have to write such harsh things about a company I have grown to love over the years. But I’ve gone quiet for too long. Despite containing a market share of nearly double any of its competitors, the Wii platform has done little to stimulate its fan base on any sort of level. What was the best game you played on the Wii? Oh yeah, Twilight Princess… a LAUNCH title.

The Nintendo Wii was released to eager consumers in the prosperous time of 2006 when people still trusted banks and CNN was still a “news” outlet rather than a mere pawn of social networking websites. Yes, those were the days. On that fateful November day, I waited in line in the freezing cold at Walmart with people like this, anxious to get my hands on some new, exciting video game hardware before the rest of the waking world. And boy was it sweet, taking control of Link in an epic, 40+ hour game that I had yearned to play from the time it was promised to be released on the GameCube. But what have you done for me lately, Nintendo?

Not a whole lot, as the post title suggests. Find out exactly how little after the jump!

Guitar Hero Manages To Steal The Beatles’ Spotlight One Controversy At A Time

September 14, 2009

While millions of young kids across the country are being introduced to The Beatles for the first time thanks to Harmonix’s The Beatles: Rock Band, things in their number one competitor’s camp are unfolding far more dramatically. Sure, the joy of finally seeing your children play a video game that you can identify with is a heart-warming story… but the dramatic turn of events surrounding Guitar Hero 5 and the ill-executed Kurt Cobain avatar has been far more interesting. Read it and weep, Generation Y:

Right? More controversy after the jump.

Lifting Fog Live: Mew Enlightens LA

September 2, 2009
Mew brings the pain (and joy) in LA

Mew brings the pain (and joy) in LA

Depending on how old you are, your knowledge of Scandinavian pop music may or may not include Denmark’s hard rocking indie band called Mew. Having just released their new album on August 25th entitled [deep breath] No more stories Are told today I’m sorry They washed away No more stories The world is grey I’m tired Let’s wash away, the band is on a massive tour this Fall, opening for Nine Inch Nails on several dates including two this week in Los Angeles, before heading to Europe. As a long time fan of the Danish band since the release of their previous album And The Glass Handed Kites (a much less demanding title for the most part), the moment I saw tickets pop up for a headlining show at the famous Troubadour in West Hollywood, I jumped at the chance. Full review after the jump. (more…)

What Tattoo Is More Badass: Death Eater’s Dark Mark vs. Symbol Of The Galactic Empire?

August 23, 2009

Dark Mark vs GEIn spending my Saturday night gorging on a LOST/Star Wars diet geeky enough to make the Comic Book guy cringe, an important question was raised in my mind. Recently I began seriously considering getting a tattoo on the inside of my left arm. Only after experiencing a dream in which I was told NOT to get one by a tattoo artist, did my desire subside a bit. But the thought process recalled an old discussion topic amongst my friends: how awesome would it be to have a replica tattoo of the Dark Mark from the Harry Potter world? Don’t get me wrong, when the chips fall I’m right next to the Weasleys fighting Fenrir Greyback off of 2nd year potions students in the battle for Hogwarts, but the ability to replicate something so authentic from the stories is pretty cool. But what a betrayal of all things good and decent in this world it would be! In my nerdness, the logical subsequent step in my thinking was this: what could be worse than a tattoo of the Dark Mark from Harry Potter? I concluded that the Galactic Empire symbol from Star Wars is capable of giving it a pretty good run for its money. Here’s how I see it breaking down…

Keep reading to see how I see it breaking down.

What If Apple Created A Social Networking Application?

August 21, 2009

Please integrate all these functions into one application for my laziness' sake!WHOA TechCrunch, slow down, there’s a question mark at the end of that heading! More and more I’ve been trying to make sense of the various news and social networking outlets I frequent on an hourly basis. Sure, you’ve got your Twitter, Facebook, and MySpace accounts to worry about but throw in your favorite RSS filter/reader and you could spend an entire day plugged into the internet and never read the same thing twice. It can be a bit overwhelming. We are slowly inching towards a Matrix reality where we are jacked into the internet, learning ju-jitsu in 10 seconds, and then fighting an African-American mentor in a digital dojo. Some think it terrifying, but I think it’s exciting! (more…)

Supergroups Are Officially Cool Again

August 5, 2009
It sounded feasible at 4:45am...

It sounded feasible at 4:45am...

Have you ever sat up until 6AM, stoned out of your mind trying to come up with the greatest supergroup of all time? What if, like, Jimi Hendrix was, like, still alive and he was playing guitar with, like, John Bonham, who was just brought back to life, on drums and, like, Les CLAYPOOL WAS on BASS! More and more it seems like those hazy nights are turning into real life occurrences as rock and indie gods from all generations and locations are enlisting the help of one another in an effort to collectively blow peoples’ minds. Unless you’ve been hiding under a rock for the last three days, the news of the newest supergroup Them Crooked Vultures is just another example of a recently revitalized trend in the industry. It seems as if artists are saying, “Well, we can’t make money individually, but I bet if we formed one band we could make a TON!” TCV is perhaps the most exciting in recent memory, however, featuring Dave Grohl (of Nirvana and Foo Fighters) on drums, Josh Homme (of Queens of the Stone Age) on guitar, and the indelible John Paul Jones (of Led Zeppelin) on bass. Their 1st show, as told by Pitchfork, will be at the Metro in Chicago on Sunday night after the massive Lollapalooza wave breaks. (more…)

‘Entourage’ Plot as Boring as its Characters’ Lives

August 3, 2009

Oh how clever those writers at Entourage must have felt when they outlined the plot of this week’s episode. Like some well edjumacated film and television critics, I understand that real art occurs when the plot of a fictional television show transcends the veneer of ‘entertainment’ and manages to convey issues or stories that mimic real world problems or issues, enabling a viewer to connect to a story on a deeply personal level. Like when the writers of White Shadow were able to effectively reflect the absurdity of their own position, writing dialogue for “urban” (read as: black) teens, by depicting the white coach of an all black basketball team as a father figure. This was considered by many as ground breaking television. And now we have this week’s episode of Entourage to consider. (more…)

Hypothetical Scenarios in Which I Meet and then Marry Hayley Williams: #1 – Perfect Harmony

August 1, 2009

In honor of seeing Paramore open for No Doubt last night in Irvine at the Verizon Wireless Amphitheater, I figured now would be a good time to kick off a reoccurring post motif in which I imagine a hypothetical scenario resulting in the marriage of the lead singer of Paramore and myself. This should come as no surprise, as I took the time way back when to point out my deep appreciation for the band and my malicious desire to derail the band through the existence of my future relationship with her. Last night Paramore truly rocked it. Despite being so far away that one of my friends thought that Williams was a toddler dancing around on stage, the music came through strong enough, even if the visual delay of the musicians was nearing a full, mind-altering second. The new songs sounded great and I can’t wait to wait in line with the rest of the Tweens on September 29th to cop the new disc. So here goes, this is scenario number 1:

Five years from now I am playing in a band and back from a long North American tour. Williams and I cross paths in between my set at the Troubadour in West Hollywood. We exchange only a smile and a head nod. One year later we are both attending a concert and while backstage, we end up in a tightly packed hallway. Williams remarks to me, “Hey, I really dig your stuff!” at which point I respond by saying, “What a coincidence, I really dig your stuff too.” (Note: no exclamation point in my response. Even under the most titillating of circumstances it’s necessary to play it cool). We exchange phone numbers. Two days later I call her to invite her to my 2nd recording studio located in my house in the Hollywood Hills to collaborate. She agrees. We fall in love. We get married.

Oh Woe is ‘Brüno’

July 13, 2009

Unlike most movies I’ve had the pleasure of viewing this summer, I absorbed Sacha Baron Cohen’s latest opus in a relatively empty theater with family instead of friends. In this sense, the mood may not have been right for me to appreciate the follow up to Cohen’s wildly successful feature length debut, Borat. I was fully aware that the type of shock and awe Brüno was capable of delivering should ideally be experienced with a large, packed theater where the awkward moments in between graphic dildo-based jokes would not seem quite as awkward. Instead, I took in the film with about 20 other people in the middle of the day in an empty theater in an area where the USA hats and t-shirts worn by Brüno’s victims hit closer to home than some other places in America. Consider that my disclaimer.

You’ve been warned. Continue?

‘Revenge of The Fallen’ Only Manages to Transform Into a Shell of Its Former Self

June 25, 2009

Hot babes with hot bods. Sick cars and huge bots. Mind melting visual effects and heart shaking soundscapes. Sun destroying ancient alien technology and Matrices of Leadership? Pause for a moment to imagine the sound I am about to make… Pffwhat? Tonight I attended an IMAX screening for three of the previous four reasons inherent in the Transformers canon, but one of these seems fairly foreign to me. What is a Matrix of Leadership? I didn’t know before I entered the theater and I’m still only half sure now. Yet this, along with countless other plot defying tricks, was the way the 2nd Transformers story was told and after 2.5 hours of head scratching and laughing out loud (at all the wrong times) I have to say I’m a bit shocked. At one point I laughed so loud at one of the many sharp turns the story took, that the teenager next to me looked at me like he must have looked as his father during the 1st movie: “What’s so funny, Dad?”

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