“Lifting Fog to Retire” says Lifting Fog Staff


The press has gathered and the mics are humming, so now’s as good a time as any to make the big announcement. Nearly four years after launching our blog and Digital Playground ™, Lifting Fog, the time has come to finally close the door…

…turn off the lights…

…cut the cord…

…and every other ending metaphor available, because if you’ve keyed in to anything here in 300 posts it’s that we never say briefly what can’t be beaten into the ground, mercilessly. Terrible writing at value quantity is sort of our thing.

While it’s true that we’ve already had, like, twelve false deaths since May 2008 (consider them practice!) this one is definitely real. So long after ‘The Dark Knight’ premiered and Sarah Palin lost the Vice Presidency, we’re really, really calling it quits. Run-on sentences and all.

“Why?” is of course the question on everyone’s minds.

We’re retiring because we (I) recognize that as long as Lifting Fog still exists*, we’ll (I’ll) always want to return to it as a creative outlet. This was fine for a while, mostly due to the three-year “finding yourself” grace period that exists post-graduation. But now, trying to make REAL things happen in the REAL world…there’s just no place for rambling, ill-informed blog posts. Steve’s been channeling his energy more and more into music, all of which is very good. And I’ve been nursing a ‘Modern Family’ spec where the families visit a nudist colony. The professional life beckons both of us.

*it will always exist in your heart

Just know: it’s not you! You’re great! DJ Steve and I have appreciated sincerely the feedback we’ve gotten over the years from everyone who’s followed us. Mostly relatives, but still — to think that anyone read what we had to say here is, no joke, a heartwarming thought. Thank you.

It’s those hypothetical good vibes that helped us keep up the game as long as we did, because let’s be honest — there’s no other reason for two adults who aren’t reaching an actual audience to keep writing a personal blog. ESPECIALLY one that’s a play on one of the writers’ names, and never really figured out what it was about. To friends and family who took the time to say something nice: you’re directly responsible for needlessly prolonging the life of something that should have died a long time ago.

I can’t speak for DJ Steve (who we all know escaped this quirk prison in late 2010), but I’ve loved writing posts here. And as wildly narcissistic as this might sound, I sometimes enjoy revisiting those posts. There’s an undeniable time capsule effect to opening up something written pre-Obama, or at a time when I was in Hawaii, or…whenever, in whatever emotional state. Our own worlds and the actual world have changed significantly in four years, and that we’ve been able to chart even a small part of that makes us feel like we’re not pissing ENTIRELY into the wind. (Just a lot.)

If you asked me now to divine a theme for the blog, looking back? I’d say it’s a winking nod at diminished post-grad expectations, and the ridiculousness of trying to deny anything’s changed. Or it’s about stupid stuff we find momentarily funny or worth discussion? Who knows. We didn’t have a mission statement in 2008, 2009, 2010, or 2011, so it would be f*cking inappropriate to have one today.

So “retirement.” It’s a stupid, ostentatious thing for a blog that nobody reads to claim to be doing. But I hope that you understand the way that definitive closure is the only option here. A desire to keep it going forever and ever is the very reason I know this thing needs to totally die.

Here boy!

But……………not before 5-10 new posts on subjects as varied as email-etiquette, national parks, “urban hiking” and modern art (why it’s stupid). And then definitive retirement. Like understudies to the orchestra on the Titanic, we’re going down kicking and screaming.

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2 Responses to ““Lifting Fog to Retire” says Lifting Fog Staff”

  1. Jens Fog Says:

    Henning and Steve,
    Great job on your blog the past few years. I’ve enjoyed reading all of your postings! Just keep doing what you’re doing and stick to your guns.
    Captain Ron

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