Making the Most of Hurricane Irene


We feel you, New York (and Friends). Not only did you suffer through an out-of-nowhere earthquake earlier in the week and learn of the demise of Derek Jeter’s relationship with the Sexiest Woman Alive, now you’re wrapped around the corner of Duane Reade waiting to buy cigarettes and paper towels in preparation for a potentially awful storm. Hurricane Irene, that bitch, is about to make your weekend miserable.

But the benefit of sunny, uppers-fueled Los Angeles living has seen the Weather Tracking team at Lifting Fog working hard to think of fun solutions to your impending doldrums. Our first thought — “movies to watch” — was already written up by Videogum. Then Thought Catalog went ahead and compiled a handy 20-something survival guide. “What’s left to say?” we thought. “What can we offer that the other guys can’t?” Then we really dug deep — considered the skills and perspective we alone possess, that we might bestow on our readers — and figured it out: dumb videos held together by the lightest possible editorial. And so without further preamble, we arrive at our Way to Make the Most of Hurricane Irene: go hurricane surfing or something.



Considering the looming MTA shutdown (tomorrow morning!) you now have less than 24 hours to make any kind of tracks toward Rockaway, Eastern Long Island, or whatever other destination might see you getting MAJORLY PITTED. Don’t waste any more time shuttering your windows or Googling “what do I do with a window AC unit in a hurricane?” — hit the beach NOW! Your sense of Oneness with the seismic forces of this big blue orb will be glad that you did.

ALSO: Real hurricane news and updates, which you should definitely heed over every word you just read.

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