The McCrazy Files: Panama City Beach Bonanza


Let’s cut right to the heart of the issue: when a company tells you you can “have it your way,” they’re really just bringing this kind of shit on themselves. Last Thursday a Burger King in Panama City Beach, FL saw its life flash before its eyes when a young woman, upset that her drive-thru order wasn’t filled correctly, basically incited a Spartacus-level uprising against its employees. After descending, in bikini, on the register to demand satisfaction, she proceeded to 1) climb on the counter 2) slap someone or something and 3) get her hands on a water jug, which she then threw. That last part of course being everyone else’s cue to join in. Individual events are sort of hazy, which you’ll see below, but the craziness is CRYSTAL CLEAR.

There are now just about…600 days until the world is slated to end, which makes this latest addition to the McCrazy Files right on schedule. Thanks for taking your responsibilities seriously, everyone!

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