Barfoed Does America: How Not to Pack (9/27/10)


One week later I’m returning to the scene of the crime — the crime being everything about Lifting Fog, I guess! — to try and figure out just how to break this now half-over trip down in blog form. Originally I had thought I’d write in legs (Home-Ithaca; Nashville-New Orleans) as a way of organizing my thoughts, but that seemed forced — like I’d be imposing some rigid structure and expectation on something that’s been anything but. Then I thought maybe I’d try VLOGGING for the first time — turn the camera on and just let my twisted improvising guide the way. But of course vlogging is dumb.


So forgoing any kind of motif or design, I’m just going to tackle each post on its own terms. Didn’t Michelangelo say something about letting the marble “speak to him,” or something? I think he did. He just never imagined I’d be the Michelangelo of the 21st century, and “Barfoed Does America” my David. Because he would have totally killed himself.

…And with that, let’s jump right in!

The journey began last Monday morning in the deep south (of New Jersey), where all my best-laid packing plans gave inevitable way as the departure time approached. Days earlier I had actually diagrammed how everything would fit in the car — the exact physical layout in three-dimensions, perfectly calibrated for MAXIMUM PACKING EFFICIENCY. But then you start going through the garage, thinking “I could totally try skateboarding again in SoCal,” and suddenly your trunk is filled with sports equipment. Also:

– Stray laundry detergent
– Multiple boxes of scrapbooking materials
– Nintendo Wii
– More than two varieties of Craisins, which I barely like anyway
– A laminated map of the United States
– Cowboy hat(s)

In the end clothing was really sort of an afterthought. One week later, of course, I’ve worked out a fresh stuff/dirty stuff system and actually put both the cowboy hat(s) AND the map to good use, but it was touch and go for a while there. It took me two whole days to find fresh underwear!

What I’ll write next, I have NO IDEA. Just rest easy knowing that, like anyone with a blog of any kind, I’m too in love with myself to leave this series unattended to for long. Henning B. Fog will return! And while you’re waiting for the next entry, feel free to follow my adventures in real-er time over at Twitter:!/HenningFog

In short, I have never met a pointless form of expression I didn’t like.

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One Response to “Barfoed Does America: How Not to Pack (9/27/10)”

  1. thislalife Says:

    Nintendo Wii? Come on now

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