Things That Have Been Occupying My Time


In all the time I spent NOT blogging, you’d think I had conquered Mount Everest, slain Smog, built the Great Wall of America, or learned something. Unfortunately none of these things is true. In the time since I last posted (I won’t bother actually looking at the date; I’ll just assume it was some time short of a year but more than a week), I haven’t done all that much. But there are a few things that seem worth mentioning, in case you’ve been turning to this site as a means to achieve ultimate hipster status or perhaps learn the meaning of life. QUICK TIP: achieving ultimate hipster status is the same thing as discovering the meaning of life. Check out this link, BTW, for more detailed answers.

I bought a Buddha Machine. Ever heard of it? Didn’t think so. To many people, the thought of owning a Buddha Machine will seem completely pointless. If the idea of paying $25 for a lo-fi, self-contained, ambient music looping piece of plastic isn’t appealing to you? Then you need not apply. Let me take that sentiment a step further: if you’re not into that kind of thing, I’m not into YOU. Please remove me from your vacuous, self-righteously maintained Facebook friends list. The Buddha Machine is a brilliant device, created by two Chinese ambient music producers. The concept is simple: buy the device, listen to the audio coming out of it, switch between nine separate loops ranging in length, [insert heady way to pass the time], fall asleep. I really love the little guy. I picked it up from Amoeba and got to feel cooler than any of my friends for at least a day. Money well spent, in my book. Did I mention this site allows you to play up to 21 at the same time?

I started hating LOST. If there’s anything that’s apparent from this blogging experiment Henning and I have tried to forge, it’s that LOST plays an important part in our everyday lives. Now I’m not saying I’ve been flying back and forth between Sydney and LA every week since I started watching, but I am saying that I know Vincent is going to play a pivotal role in the 2.5 hour finale. (Vincent is the dog, for all you passive watchers only tuning in to see the evolving love story between the Party of Five guy and the chick from the new L’Oreal commercials). To me, LOST has completely LOST itself this season. I have been tuning in out of pure enslavement as opposed to the unbridled excitement and passion of previous seasons. Cuse and Lindelof (showrunners, writers, producers, masterminds) wrote a check they couldn’t cash. I’m eager to be proved wrong…but doubtful I will be. Here’s hoping of a nice clean ending like St. Elsewhere!

I took up pottery and basket weaving. Just kidding — what am I, desperate to meet girls or something? (Read as: yes, absolutely. If anyone knows if either of those hobbies will achieve this please let me know.)

I moved. I can see the Pacific Ocean from my doorstep. When I walk out my door. And from down the block. And if it’s not cloudy. Or smoggy. And I squint. OK, you get the point. But I did move much closer to the beach, and so far life has seen a very welcome change of pace. I’m working on trying to figure out why I’m the more privileged one when I see all the bums sleeping in the sun all day by the beach and getting the exercise I wish I had time to do.

And now I finished this blog post. I won’t bother telling you that this is the first of many in the coming future. But I will say I’m going to TRY to make an effort this time.

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3 Responses to “Things That Have Been Occupying My Time”

  1. JES Says:

    I’ve been following with interest (in other online venues, obviously *cough*) your ongoing disillusionment with Lost. I hope you’re proved wrong, too, but unlike you I actually think they’ve done a creditable job of moving to resolution. Granted, there’s going to be raggedy loose-end sh!t hanging out all over the place, at all the edges of the story. And I’m not 100% convinced by claims that “Oh, we knew from the beginning what was going to happen!”


    It almost helps NOT to think of it as a continuous series, but rather as a collection of disconnected episodes about the same characters and situations.

    But then, I’m one of those freaks who wasn’t bothered overmuch by the last episode of Twin Peaks. Carpe diem and all that.

  2. cynth Says:

    Nice to see you back DJ! Hope to read more in the coming months/weeks/years.

  3. The One Where We Say Goodbye « Lifting Fog Says:

    […] uncomfortable home movie. Of course you may think COMPLETELY THE OPPOSITE (Lord knows Steve’s Buddha machine stuff practically compromised the whole endeavor a few times), but it’s my opinion that we toed the […]

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