Ladies and Gentlemen, The Beatles!


It’s Tuesday, which makes “Mondaze” an inaccurate label, but who cares. Tuesdaze. The Beatles!

They say that everything old is new again, and right now nothing proves that more than the hyper fanfare surrounding the latest offerings from The Beatles. 45 years after appearing mop-topped and suited-up on the Ed Sullivan show, the boys from Liverpool are once again driving women (and middle-aged men) crazy: tomorrow sees the twin release of The Beatles: Rock Band and remastered editions of all their albums. The box set of the latter has been sold out on Amazon since it was announced a few weeks ago; the former will likely be the most sought-after videogame of the fall. The Beatles, arguably the greatest and most devotion-inspiring band of the 20th century, have now successfully planted their flag in the filled with unmemorable music newish 21st. Good thing, those guys could definitely use the money!

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