Goodbye, Summer


Well, we’ve come to very nearly the end — Summer 2009 (light beer advertising style dictates that you capitalize this) is almost over, and we reflect on a season filled with both sun (happy moments; sun) and storms (death; storms). Fun fact: Summer is second only to spring in the “seasonal weather-related metaphors” department!

sunset_wallpaper_brazil-1600x1200So a lot of famous people — some pretty important — died these past few months. Did you hear about this? Those of us still living continued to fight the effects of this pesky recession, taking “me-kends” and “stay-cations” instead of real trips to real places, which is a luxury we can no longer afford. “Get a job,” your father told you. You’re only twelve! Movie studios were still cool with stealing people’s cash, shitting out everything from Transformers to Paper Heart (not all that dissimilar!) and laughing while we Twittered tweeted how much we hated them, because they already had our money. They’ll be laughing again when we buy the collector’s edition DVD in November. We might buy the Blu-Ray version, too, because even though we don’t own a player yet it’s good to be prepared for when the prices come down. That’s just being prudent.

In the pro column, we learned that life can be cruel and it’s best to just get over it and hope tomorrow will improve on the day before. We ate better, mostly, which still counts even if this was only because we couldn’t afford to buy more food. I think we maybe learned to appreciate with greater clarity the fact that our time on this earth is limited and we shouldn’t be wasting it writing recaps of America’s Got Talent. And at least someone out there had a Grease-like summer fling. Right? I hope so. The leather jacket is just covering what he’s really feeling inside!

Summer 2009 is almost over (socially; I’m familiar with the fall equinox), but like Christmas and birthdays we need not forget its memories or lessons anytime soon. With the proper balance — and appropriately tousled hair — we can keep riding that wave all winter long.

“Until next time, take care of yourselves…and each other” – Jerry Springer

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2 Responses to “Goodbye, Summer”

  1. Captain Jack Says:

    the new Lifting Fog logo might be too uplifting for me. In fact if the Fog has already lifted then visibility no longer needs to improve.

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    […] Review: ‘(500) Days of Summer’ By Henning Holy smokes! Summer 2009 has officially been over for ALMOST A MONTH NOW and we’ve still got six reviews backed up, […]

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