Best Weekend Ever!


We adults have plenty to worry about. The economy, for one (this will never go out of style). Subway routes. Which interlocking media cabinet we’re buying from IKEA (the Flurfpurdst or the Smeltds-hun?). So many things. But if we paid attention even a little bit to the world outside our adult orbit, we’d see that right now… is actually a time of unbridled ecstasy. The signs are everywhere if you look hard enough: limos where there shouldn’t be limos; salons overbooked on Friday afternoons; empty classrooms; parents’ depleted wallets. Let’s not forget those beach town motel owners waking up this morning to vomit-stained carpets and condom surprises. (My bad!) Yes, it’s that time of year again, baby. It’s prom season.

Is anyone’s prom really like this? I mean, I get they’re rarely held in pastel-colored ghost towns and that most frown upon driving yourself, but prom to me has always been a New Year’s caliber event: rarely as good as you imagine it to be. Who can hit the Saturn Ion standard? Though a good buffet and clever shot glass door prize can more than make up for a dearth of longing gazes…

Happy Prom, seniors!

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One Response to “Best Weekend Ever!”

  1. Tian Xie Says:

    I don’t know about you Henning, but at my senior prom, the girl I once loved Freshman year, who cheated on me with my best friend, came up to me to tell me she still loved me, despite how I had finally gotten over her and just found someone new, while Paula Cole’s “I don’t want to wait” played in the background. True story… sort of.

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