I’ve Missed You!*


hourglassSo it’s June. Yikes! The last time we saw each other I was still a sprightly 22, Kris Allen had not yet struck a major blow for traditional family values, and our friends in the class of 2009 had not yet graduated (congrats!) to a world of financial instability and worry (oops!). Forever ago, lover. But like herpes the Terminator, I’m back – ready to assault your RSS feed with robotic efficiency and writing that can only be described as “human-like.” Keep reading if you want to live.

So not only is it June, it’s also Monday… which means I can get away with an easy “Mondaze” post to kick off the week. More polished Lifting Fog cultural analysis to follow, naturally, but first (after the jump) a YouTube clip that will offend absolutely no one.

For those who need a refresher in blog engagement, our patented three-step method:

1. Watch

(This is where you watch the video. Far and away the easiest part.)

2. Read

(Check out what Lifting Fog’s editors have to say. Compare their thoughts to your own. How are they different? How are they the same?)

It’s a woman riding Shamu like a surfboard. Everyone’s happy!

3. Comment

(Think back to step two. Is there some fact or opinion you’d like to add to the discussion? Write it down!)

It’s that easy! In no time you can be digesting Lifting Fog blog posts like a pro. No more study guides. No more flash cards. Our method is FDA-approved and guaranteed to help you get the most out of your employer’s wasted time. Start today!

* I’ve missed some of you.

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